Show and Tell May 2022

Post to this thread with some photos and a description of something you are working on this month at the 'Space (or wherever) and we’ll help you join in our fun, too!**

Small craft projects, large CNC router projects, quick & dirty tools made by tools, and so much more happen at Dallas Makerspace. Cool things done at DMS by cool people often go unseen by our peers, not to mention the curious public. Post up here to share the interesting things you are doing with Dallas Makerspace this month!

These posts help promote cohesiveness and community at Dallas Makerspace, inspire others to make a cool something. and help our PR show off what can be done here using social media or blog posts (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Consider the following on each post, to help make for richer experiences:

  • a QUALITY photo can help us with the vision
  • WHO you are, possibly for attribution outside of this venue, but also to help our fellow members get to know each other (or at least each other’s work)
  • WHAT you’ve made might not be immediately obvious, but even if it is, we :heart: a good story!
  • HOW you’ve made it (and perhaps HOW DMS helped) inspires others to follow along
  • WHY you made it (all about the inspiration, dontchaknow)

Some Sunday afternoon printmaking with @heyheymama.


@Julie-Harris, myself and five other students took Kelly Kring’s Spring blacksmithing class at Brookhaven. It was a very rewarding learning experience. The final achievement was to make a set of tongs. We each had to make three nails for each class, a square and round punch, a flint striker, a bottom/lower fuller, and a nail header. Some of us made other things too, like the wire brush handle in the picture. (I shaped it originally in a DMS blacksmithing class and finished it up at Brookhaven.)
We were required to start the forge with the flint striker and some char cloth we created, too. The char cloth was made in a one quart paint can from an old bed sheet.

I highly recommend Kelly’s classes and both Julie and I recommended DMS to all of the students.
Kelly is a very knowledgeable instructor.

I am, however, not going to take the summer intermediate class. Something about a hot forge in Texas summer heat that doesn’t appeal to me. Julie is going to take the class.

Below are the fruits of my semester. These tools will be used in future semesters classes. I was working on a pineapple twist with the hot chisel on Saturday, which I was unable to finish. It is not shown in the pictures.

The tongs were made from a 24"x3/8"x1" piece of A36 steel. Each of the tong halves were made from a 12" piece. The overall length is 21".


Thanks again to @prl2018 for the bowl making class.

I picked up a branch and turned it into a cup.

Paul’s class was excellent and any mistakes (and there are many) are my own fault.


Some woodworking hand tools that i have made at the space.

Razee style jack plane out of beech.

Marking gauge (Wenge)

Router plane (Paul Sellers design with some changes)

Beechwood mallet (copied Crown Tools design)

Beechwood Rabbet plane with bubinga end grain boxing and rosewood sole.

Dovetail marker 7:1 ratio

And the last two in the picture are a dovetail saw(need to refile the teeth) and a wooden square.


i would take any class you teach on how to make these tools!


I made petunia plant markers out of acrylic that I found in the scrap pile. They are in the $3 basket in the gift shop. :slight_smile:


Those are gorgeous. They look like a labor of love, and I’m sure they will be a delight to use.


Beautiful work!


I will be looking for theses classes too. Awsome!


Practicing on the rotary for a ceramic project. Some adjusting to do.


This was done using the Norton White Tile method on ceramic tile. The paint bonds to the ceramic
much the way Cermark bonds to metal and will not come off.

The Four Fathers.


And a little Jail House Rock action on white tile.




lol…I was going to ask you where the R-rated versions were!

Have a few items to post this month, but first… What happens when you mix lasers, creative arts, and woodshop?

A three part mold, held by laser cut mother box, to cast a high density plastic as a possible CNC Router bench dog.


Tagging @HankCowdog and @coloneldan

Thank you.

Back before the pandemic, there was a discounted sale of leather to support the leather craft sig. This monk style cross body bag was made with one of those hides.

Also a huge thank you to @Lordrook for taking the time to teach me how to make this.


I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the leather. I’m going to forward the pictures to Leanne the Gulfstream representative who donated them to DMS.

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I can’t promise it would be good enough for her to use, but I’m willing to try and do a second one for her if she wants one.