Show and Tell January 2023

I had two of these tables outside. A few years ago one of the plates broke.

So I took some classes, and produced…




Thanks to @Monikat and @j801496 for the classes and guidance.

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Oh wow. Those turned out great.

I love them! Congratulations on success :blush:

Can we show off food/cooking?


Because we’re not allowed to cook @ DMS, would prefer not to post here in S&T as if we do, but still would L O V E to share culinary maker achievements!
We had the “What’s Cooking” thread each month a bit ago that hasn’t been active enough to warrant of late. Let’s light that burner again, and see what we get…
Q1 2023 What’s Cooking


Did a restore on a dewalt mbc radial saw that was given to me by @mattarmstrong a few months ago. This saw is from the 1950’s. Completely dissassembled it, used rust remover, used the vapor hone at dms on most of it, used a wire wheel on smaller parts, primed and painted various parts, and buffed and polished several components. I sanded, buffed and polished the aluminum blade cover also. I used metallic blue for the finish. I still need to make a Mr. Sawdust table for it. I attempted to get good photos of it but my photography skills are lacking. Thanks Matt for the saw!


@mattarmstrong asked me to ask you if he could have it back.

j/k…wow…nice work.


Impressive! Good work: cleaned, prepped, primed, then painted.


Beautiful work. One of my favorite shows is Rick’s Restoration.

I hate to see good tools or anything else for that matter junk when they can be restore. Older equipment is especially good for restoration because they are usually very well made. Great job. Thanks for sharing it. I hope you get many good years of use from it.

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Simple leather belt sheath for my Leatherman Wingman EDC.


Doesn’t look “simple” … very nice!

Stamping leather is easier than it looks: just gotta be careful of the alignment. I did an 7/10 job, as it was the first time using the weave stamp.

The V1 design was not as tall, and the tool dig into my hip a bit, hence this V2 version with a taller back.

The V2 pattern wasdesigned in Inkscape from a scan of V1. Laser cut. Stamped, holes punched, and dyed with gel antique, then saddle stitched together while sitting on the couch and watching TV. Easy.


Had tons of fun in the Rail Road Spike Knife making class!


That is very cool!

Great job! You have the best RAS ever made. I don’t know if you’ve discovered this website, but you can lookup the date of manufacture here:

And this is another great resource for restoring old machinery:


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Hacked together a bird feeder to replace the one the deer trashed. Made from a 6’ cedar fence board and some 1x4 scrap cedar. No plan, just kinda made it up as I went. 14” long roof, 11” long base. Cut 1” off the two base boards to narrow them, then used the 1” piece to make the rim.

All screws at the moment - I may adjust the proportion a bit before gluing up. 80 mins start to finish.


Made a couple piece in jewelry today. It’s all seaham beach glass and silver.


I’m making desks for my daughters and delivered the first one today.

Pine 2x retasked from the loft we took down when they moved out.

Still have some shelves and drawers for the left side.

And setup


Now I wish I would have taken the class! I hope another one is offered soon.