Show and Tell January 2022

Made my first click pen out of Purple Heart Wood. Love it.


Got back on the pen train with three stylus pens in (respectively) bubinga, carob wood, and olive wood, as well as a cigar pen in figured ipe.


My custom door customer needed two panels for a very wide door that were cut in December for a house on the Dream Street Tour in Fort Worth. Each raised panel was 47" wide.
Here are the panels right after cutting:


Just got the pics of the installed door today:


I turned this little vase with a white stone inlay. I’ve been experimenting with ‘fake’ stone inlays by taking fine stones/sand from the craft store and coloring them using mica powder. Add some super glue and activator, then turn away the excess and you have a nice inlay. Much cheaper than actual genuine stone inlays.


So I made the parts for the wood shops drum sander. The parts started out as 3/4” 4140 rod. I turned them down to dimensions, put in grooves for snap-rings. Once they were turned down, I put them in the Bridgeport with the 5c collet blocks & 5C spin-dexer. This allowed me to put the key ways dogs in the part. Its not perfect, not quite up to my standards but are within about .002” tolerance.


If you know me you know I am constantly trying new things. These are a couple of graphics lasered onto scratch board (a paper with coated colors and black on top that change shades are you scratch thru it). Most of what I found online were on how to do it using a diode laser using Image-R and Lightburn. Lightburn doesn’t support my controller and there wasn’t any guidance on doing it with a CO2 laser, so it took me a hot minute to zero in on some parameters that worked. I also found I got better results using CorelDraw for the art than the Image-R filters gave. I see a lot of fun in my future. cheers!


OMG Bert! That is amazingly beautiful.

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I just had to share the art my students did in the Acrylic Pouring class on Thursday. Only one attendee had ever done this art technique before. It all turned out so well and everyone had fun. We just have to make sure we have better canvas material next time.


Bought a couple of Bizerba professional deli slicers. I made some charcuterie over the last few months and a home slicer would not “cut” it.

Both ended up having power issues that were easily fixed. One had a break in the power cord and the other had power wires pulled off of the control board.

And a slicing pic


Wow, those are gorgeous

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I would love to take that class the next time it comes up. Those look fantastic.

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I’m working on learning the laser cutter to move my pattern drafting to computer files to make easier adjustments and copies on a layered cosplay that just needs slightly different seam allowance and making it easier to draft circles for collars and skirts.


A lot of work left to do but the main wood working is done. Still need to use a mechanical planer to polish it all up and smooth it out then staining and installing the electrical stuff. First time doing a big woodworking project.


another scratch board attempt. I may not be getting the crazy rainbow colors but the shading looks nice. Still playing with power and speed. 1% makes a large impact - either too dark or all white. There’s a happy medium in there somewhere.


I have one on the calendar right now if you’re available Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar :smiley:

Edit: just checked and you’re already signed up :laughing:

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This weekend I finished my first real woodworking project. It is a cedar tray I’m going to use to hold various TV remotes. Thanks again to @bertberaht for the cedar :slight_smile: I’ve had a lot of fun trying different things with my stockpile


Much better result. Did a base transform using the stucki filter in Corel which is run a the main power level. then overlapped the vectors for the glass and body and ran those as +/- 1% difference in speed to get the color variation.


Very beautiful!

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Another happy dog owner … New home for DOC.


Took @j801496’s breadboard class this weekend. Really happy with how it came out and the class was wonderful! Took the unfinished lumber all the way to this and learned a lot about woodworking while doing it.