Show and Tell April 2022

Spring well under way, dazzle us with your brightly-dyed projects. Or even the boringly drab ones. We just want to see what’s been goin on!

Channeling Faberge? Pressing daisies for keepsakes? If Dallas Makespace is helping make your project dazzling (or not - we’re not picky!), help us join in by posting to this thread with some photos and a description of something you are working on this month at the 'Space (or wherever) and we’ll help you join in our fun, too!

Small craft projects, large CNC router projects, quick & dirty tools made by tools, and so much more happen at Dallas Makerspace. Cool things done at DMS by cool people often go unseen by our peers, not to mention the curious public. Post up here to share the interesting things you are doing with Dallas Makerspace this month!

These posts help promote cohesiveness and community at Dallas Makerspace, inspire others to make a cool something. and help our PR show off what can be done here using social media or blog posts (with attribution to each maker of course).

:bulb: NOTE: Consider the following on each post, to help make for richer experiences:

  • a QUALITY photo can help us with the vision
  • WHO you are, possibly for attribution outside of this venue, but also to help our fellow members get to know each other (or at least each other’s work)
  • WHAT you’ve made might not be immediately obvious, but even if it is, we :heart: a good story!
  • HOW you’ve made it (and perhaps HOW DMS helped) inspires others to follow along
  • WHY you made it (all about the inspiration, dontchaknow)

A few months late, but Adam and I made this critter and it took only nine months!!

I figured it counted since we met at Makerspace :wink:

Soren Oas

Many thanks to Judy K. For gifting us the quilt he is on!

Yesterday was his first trip to the space. Here he is working on his (fine) motor skills during the Motorsports meeting. :sweat_smile:


New tools to make projects here. Couple of recent selections from Amazon have arrived, and I’ll have them with me at the space tomorrow (4/2) if anyone wants to take a look.
Carbide tipped lathe tools:

Wood carving chisel set:


I modified the crows foot for the Multicam this evening. I took about .160” off the thickness to allow the torque wrench to fit on the flats of the spindle.


Blacksmithing class - first nail.


Yes, I know. Third time to post on the same make … just excited about how nice it ended up being. The Cape Dutch home won Best in Show from the poll of folks who made the March Dream Street tour. This video gives a nice glimpse into what $4 very large will buy in western Fort Worth!

Last time … I promise!


I made a sign to thank @jphelps for teaching the Shapeoko class.


Huge thank you to @prl2018 for teaching the class and @Lloyd_Plum for the wood donation.

My bowl turned out so beautiful and I couldn’t have done it on my own. Highly recommend this class.


Echoing thanks to both @prl2018 for the wonderful class, and @Lloyd_Plum for the beautiful wood donation.


Here’s a twofer!

The plant pot is a simple ceramic pinch pot I made a little while ago, and the macramé hanger I made yesterday in @coffeebean’s class! :blush:


Well done!! It turned out so awesome!! I need to hang mine from something like that!!!


Just finished and delivered this, I’m fairly happy with how it turned out! It is a pigment display “waterfall” to show each Black Diamond Pigment color. I made a mini one for myself.

Heres is the 2nd half (the fun parts) of the creation video


Took about 2 hours, but I got the 3/8" Hillman (box store part) metal bar moved into shape and installed. :slight_smile:

Took forever with only a tiny propane bottle torch, but hey, the last one I made lasted 10 years using the same method. :slight_smile:

Takes a surprising amount of tools to do something like this:
1 Propane torch, 1 flint striker, 1 large ball peen hammer, 1 vise (used the anvil flat on it), 3 3/8" extensions with a deep well socket, a cutoff saw, centering punch, grinder, and a drill press with a vise and a 7/32" bit.

Heated the bar and flattened the end. This took the longest time! Eyeballed it on the gate, heated the bar, and bent the first 45 with the hammer. Eyeballed and started bending the 2nd 45. It was very difficult to do with the small vise flat so in the vise it went. I heated it up and used the deep well socket on the flat and the 3 extensions as a handle to finish the bend. Yes, improper use of a tool, but it worked and didn’t take much leverage or pressure. Cut to length with a cutoff saw. Used the grinder to round out the swinging end. Used the centering punch to mark the holes using the broken tab of the old part. Drilled and installed.

Worked the first try and was far easier than trying to remove and reinstall a section of fence where it settled. :slight_smile:


Makers work from outside the box cause it’s about results! (And not getting yourself or others hurt.)

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Before & After of a petrified coral cabachon that my boyfriend, Lynn made in Lapidary training last Sunday. Thanks to @mrjimmy for an awesome session and a really good time! Lynn’s been wanting to play in the rock section for a while now and the way his face was lit up while he was creating was priceless. If you ever need to find him, he’ll be at the polishing wheel lol.


Thank you @Mrholthaus for hosting the excellent Sheet Metal Basics class last night!

We started by using the metal shear to cut our 12" X 12" sheet of 18 guage steel to size:

Uploading: 20220405_192550.jpg…

Next we used the notcher to cut the corners:

Then to the brake to begin forming the hems:

Then over to the Mag Break to complete the hems and final bends:

And walah (voilà)!

Thanks again Max for the fun and informative class!


Happy to add my endorsement of @prl2018’s lathe classes. Made this bowl out of elm wood. Special thanks to @Lloyd_Plum for his donation of wood to supply the bowl blanks for the class. Paul’s classes are among the best I’ve taken at DMS. You should seek him out if you have an interest in wood lathes.


Those are some of the best looking bowl blanks I’ve ever seen. You should all be thankful for the quality of the blank as they are all beautiful. The bowls are amazing. Thanks @Lloyd_Plum for the wood!!


Also took @prl2018’s screwdriver handle turning class. Handle is made from resin-cast cholla cactus, using Alumalite resin dyed with turquoise alcohol ink and glow-in-the-dark mica powder. Turned the handle on a wood lathe in woodshop. Still need to sand it down to a 5,000 grit level, when time permits. Paul did a great job explaining how to drill the blanks and turn tool handles effectively.