Shapeoko 3 homing error: Error(4): GRBL ERROR: Homing Failed, couldn’t find limit switch - RESOLVED

When starting the Shapeoko 3 the router keeps going down in the Z axis but will not stop, and I get the error

GRBL ERROR: Homing Failed, couldn’t find limit switch.

I’ve tried turning off the computer as well as the machine itself. I guess there is a problem with the lower Z axis limit sensor. Posting to let DMS know.

The best way to report some like this is in the Issues & Request category, but you need a greendot (DMS Member) to do that.

Dallas Makerspace members (primary or family/add-on) in good standing may request access to Members Only categories (e.g. #issues-requests ) by requesting a Green Dot

Normally you tag Team_Machine_Shop, but @keoliver is probably more appropriate in this particular case at this moment.

Thank you I started that process.