There will be a Sewing SIG meeting on Thursday, June 27th @7pm.

We will go over equipments and supplies again so everyone can be on the same page. This will be the last time we will talk about this before we start making purchases. Come vote if you have concerns.

We will also talk about future classes. Members that can and want to teach, please attend or post here so I can add your names to a list of sewing instructors and classes that you want to teach.

Members that took sewing prerequisite on the Janome before Sewing AD Group was created can add their names at the meeting or make a comment here if you can’t attend the meeting. If you registered as a nonmember for Sewing 101, you might not be checked off.

If it has been awhile since you took the class and/or sewn, I recommend you show me you can properly set up the sewing machine at the meeting before I can clear you. All other members, please wait until you have taken Sewing 101 to be checked off.

*** We will vote on a new SIG leader at the meeting. Post your name here if you would like to run for the position and can’t make it to the meeting.


Can you add me to the AD group for normal sewing machines?

I think @dryad2b and @Kriskat30 can vouch for my sewing skills (and did a 101 and/or train the trainer when we got the Janomes so I could be a backup teacher in a pinch while we were reviving sewing at DMS)

Leather machines, that’s been so far back and just part of a class, I should take a 101 on that.

And I haven’t done anything but admire Thor.

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Can you add me, also? I own two Janome/Memory Crafts and have owned a couple of Babylocks. I have been trained on the leather machines and Thor (Matt when head of SIG said that was enough). Astrud can verify my ability.

I cannot come to the meeting on Thursday night because I have a previous engagement to help T armed with the tour groups. I need to be added to both the sewing machines and the sergers. I have taken several of a scrooge classes. And I know the basics no I cannot read them but that is due to my side and not to do anything else. I would like to be able to take sewing classes and right now it doesn’t seem like I can thank you

I can pop in for 10-15 minutes to reiterate my love of the Juki prosumer model talked about and the chairs discussed last time (I think they’ll take up less space than random bargain finds and that’s going to matter in the sewing room)

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Haha! Yes!!!

@kyrithia @MizGeek @Cairenn_Day -you guys are on the list to be checked off.

Question. How do I add people to the Sewing AD Group?.. @Bill @StanSimmons

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Stan can do it.

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I need to be added to the AD for sewing machines and babylock/embroidery. I never trained on leather ones

Got it.

For everyone else that can’t attend the sewing meeting, please comment below. You have until next Thursday to have your name added to the Sewing AD Group so I’m not messaging Stan every other day to add people.

Lol I was Sig leader and I don’t think I’m on the AD

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Thor Babylock and Serger

I’m the current SIG leader and I don’t think I’m on the AD. Haha

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Would someone double check and see if a shrewd is on the list because she should be said she teaches a lot of our sewing classes. I think the problem is is that for a long time it was never added to Beth needs to be added also since she also teaches sewing classes.

Oops… I’ve also taken the serger and embroidery classes (been doing both for a few decades), but they aren’t marked on my fob.

Do you mean Astrud, @Print_Witch?


Yes, and myself as well. Paul @Hardsuit

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Sometimes my phone turns names into very weird things. And if I don’t double check quickly it’s hard to go back and edit it yes that’s who I was trying to make sure was on the list I tried again and this time it was even worse.

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One of the oddnesses here is that Cairenn is using the voice mode, so in addition to all the weirdnesses that auto-correct does, it’s trying to interpret her accent.

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I’m not going to be able to attend. Just checked, and I’m not on the Sewing Machine list.

I know we wanted to discuss basic sewing classes, but this is Tour Night, and you’ve put the committee meeting on Tour Night.