Sewing brainstorming - results from last night (8/28/2018)


There is an additional sewing challenge with project classes. I’m sure there must be a simple solution …

People who show up for the project classes may or may not be checked out on the Janome’s. It’s too much to expect the project class to also teach the Janome. On the other hand, requiring people to be already checked out limits who can take the project classes.

Is there some quick subset of Janome skills that could be used for this?


I’d really like to have a basic curriculum for qualification. I feel like most people could reasonably show up 20-30 minutes ahead of a project class to be shown the ropes. They’re not difficult machines to use.


I’d like to have a quilt design wall. It’s a fabric-covered wall (sometimes with markings) so you can position and reposition your quilt blocks until you like the layout. A flannel sheet upholstered onto a wall is a perfectly good alternative. You place your quilt blocks against the wall and the stiction between the flannel and the quilt blocks keeps them in place.

Of course you can do this on the floor, but believe it or not, it looks a lot different vertically than it does at the low glance angle of the floor.


@sinless for one


Did a little experiment. My machine will handle #207 thread (apparently up to 370) on the top and up to #128 on the bottom. Cuts through 2 pieces of 8oz leather like butter. Time to sew some leather bags!


Susan @sclotdebro is the person I introduced to you that is interested in teaching a couple classes a month on whatever would be useful, 101, technique, projects, etc


Yes, I have that in the “idea” pile. We didn’t quite discuss the exact details but that’s something useful that won’t take up much space. I can’t wait.


Specifically this is the industrial that you’re looking to donate to the space - correct? Just want to clarify.

Or is this a different machine that you want us to look at purchasing?


when is the next CA meeting?


The 11th 7p

Voting, decisions, brainstorming the general work areas


Just found out they do make a hat hoop accessory for the Topaz. It requires both the hat hoop and the metal hoop, but you can embroider hats on the Husquvarna…


Added to the list of things to consider.


Check out this table:


I think I’d have to see it in person. I have one similar to it and the laminate that they made it out of makes the edges of it really sharp and annoying to work on. Its hard to tell from the pictures if this is made of the same stuff.


A 10 pack of these thread scissors is right around $8.50. They are sharp and if we get one of those combination knife and scissor sharpeners they will last even longer, but I’d recommend getting a pack once a month or once every other month, two ish per machine. After expansion we could drop one or two of these in a premade kit, along with something like a hemming ruler, those rolling chalk markers, etc.

Regular fabric scissors should get one of those locks that shopping carts have - the moment they leave the sew room they won’t open.

But for real, the sewing scissors will be kept further in the room behind a cabinet door or something. Anyone in favor of keeping a tomahawk in the room to throw at someone who uses fabric scissors on cardboard or other materials?


I am so with you on the hemming rulers.

I haven’t noticed the snips leaving nearly that fast. Although, if we put them out like that, they might.


So I’m a sewing dummy, but I was sniffing around the walking foot market, just to prove I know nothing and can afford less, and “discovered” that these 2 companies are American companies. Are their machines made in the USA?
Also, for what it’s worth, it appears the Cowboy machines are sold by Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines, out of Toledo OH. But what really struck me as interesting, if I’m following the breadcrumbs properly, is that THOR are HQ in Dallas, at Sunny Sewing Machine, Inc.
I don’t know how any of this might affect choices in big ass/industrial/fancy pants sewing machines like have been discussed, but I thought I’d throw out there: If’n I was lookin’, I might field trip to THOR/Sunny, if they’d have us, and see what’s going on there…


Whatever happened to the Babylock Ellure embroidery machine? I recall it being very locked down with very few training classes. Is it being used so much now that a new machine makes sense?

If I’m back in January, I’d be pleased to participate in sewing. Did a couple of intro classes when I was there: a simple skirt and a makeup brush roller. They were fun. My latest favorite is a no-pattern kimono jacket out of repurposed fabric.

As far as the room and what it should contain, nothing beats a cutting table at the proper height with plenty of room to move around it. Hope that might be able to stay a priority.


Looks like you need to call for prices for everything but Urban Spools in Dallas will be selling all of their classroom machines to be replaced with new models. I know one of their long arms already sold so I’m not sure what’s left.

Their most recent Instagram post has pictures of the machines for sale.


Babylock is still being used at the space. Use and potential use is a good question - I would direct questions to @matthshooter who’s taking over sewing and see his plan on implementing more training (hopefully you can be a part of helping teach some classes.

When we polled people everyone seemed to be pulling for a large cutting table - so most of our discussion was about how to work that large table/machines into the room. It’s going to be interesting.