Sewing brainstorming - results from last night (8/28/2018)


Speaking of ways to make oneself bleed, I found that Gold Star Tools sells 5 packs of 45mm rotary blades for $5 so I ordered a couple sets. I keep meaning to bring one in to test them and make sure they are good but I wanted to mention it.


They are all made in China - along with a lot of jukis. Same factory, different badge.

It really depends on what the retailer includes with the machine. I’m hunting to see if sonny sewing would include or even have a speed reducer - I’d like it to be able to go 80 stitches per minute or around there, and obviously up to 1000 spm (depends on what reducer they have and how much we want retrofitted)


I’ve been on the hunt for a large size folding table and cutting mats to match - the exact size will be dictated by the size of cutting mats


Ping-pong tables are perfect for this! And you can probably find one on Craigslist for $50 to $100.

[EDIT: Ping pong tables are 9’ x 5’ when open]


Is this something like we want/need

I saw one in JoAnns the other day and they looked good


Just beat me to posting that exact link. We have one at home and have been happy with it.

It is sized to fit this cutting mat:


Huh. None of the boards/mats online have what I would like – full length, with diagonals and big enough to cut out a half- or full-circle cloak. My old one was cardboard, about 4’ tall, and maybe 5’ long. I remember the 4’ because it folded with that being the largest dimension.


Will you bring them to the CA meeting if you come? Or at least send a picture to Matt, Shay, and I when you get them. Were brainstorming a cheap box of supplies for sewing intro.


I should be able to bring them to the meeting. Here’s the link to where they are listed in the storefront and this place has a ton of various kinds of findings and 99 cent shipping.


There is one in the Interactive Classroom. Just saying. I do not know how much use it still gets, but cannot recall the last time.


@Bill and @John_Marlow,
That would be a good reuse of the ping pong table. It is a nice table and the top is particularly flat. I think the dimensions are 5 foot by 9 foot, you could get the 5 by 10 mat here,
The mat would be 159.90 without a grid, which is a pretty good price.


What is your machine again? Sorry if I missed it in the thread.


It’s a MakerSpace! My dad built a kick ass track racing table for my little brother one time with piano hinges and retractable legs.

Maybe an extra cutting table idea? The use won’t be as heavy as a sewing machine. As long as no one tap dances on it, a hinged table available on three side might work for a second cutting area.


Another option for design wall space iputs to get large flannel-back plastic tablecloths (really fuzzy-batting-like-backed cheapo plastic) that you can get at Big Lots or similar dirt cheap, put some Command hooks up high on the wall, then use binder clips to hang a tablecloth with fuzz-side-out from the hooks. Not as pretty as some options, BUT it has the advantage of allowing someone to roll up their design intact (bottom up) to keep all the pieces in the planned spaces for a subsequent stitching session, rather than attempting to combine cellphone photos and cryptically labeled stacks of blocks.

This is a high-class version of this:

To that end, I have several yards of the aforementioned fuzz-backed plastic stuff I bought at some years back that have the added advantage of a printed check design on the plastic side that shows through to the fuzz side, so you have a grid to help keep stuff relatively straight. I would be ecstatically happy to donate this to the cause if somebody wants to give it a try.

I also have a five-thread Pfaff serger with a bunch of feet I can contribute as well. We never became friends, so I got a self-threading Babylock for my own serging whims. It is a real Pfaff - from the late 1990’s (prior to the Singer acquisition of the Pfaff company and dissolution of the German engineering staff.) It mostly sits around collecting dust and making me feel guilty when I pass by.