Rocket launching in east Dallas for Cub Scouts

I am the Cubmaster of a huge Cub Scout pack in east Dallas. We are interested in doing a rocket launch this summer. I expect 50+ rockets.

Per comments left by William Gee in Area in DFW Someone Can Launch Rockets?, it sounds like rocket launching is generally permitted in Dallas parks? If we wanted to launch at Flag Pole Hill, anyone know of any special considerations, permits, etc. we’d need? Or is it just show up and advise other park users of what we are doing?

I’ve done informal rocket launches at Flag Pole Hill before, so I know the space can work.

I’ve tried doing some searches on this, and I am coming up emptyhanded. That could support William’s post that Dallas may have no general ban on rocket launching.

What class of rockets are you considering?

Have you checked out NAR website? It has good information and links to applicable laws. It’s most useful if you’re considering hobby class rocketry (Class G and lower).

NAR also has a map locator for local rocketry clubs and I would suspect someone in the local club DARS can help you best with the ins-and-outs of what you’re asking. In fact, the president of the Dallas Area Rocket Society, Jack Sprague, is a DMS member. His Talk handle is @AllJack.

If you’re considering high power rocketry, check out Tripoli. But certainly don’t expect to be able to do a high power launch in Dallas.

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Thank you. These would definitely be hobby rockets. My terminology may be imprecise or incorrect, but I think we would do rockets that use Estes A or C engines?

I’d like to reach out to @AllJack, but no option presents to do that when I visit his profile page. Do I need to have a higher profile score or something to be able to send private messages?

Try again now.

Thank you. Just sent him a direct message.

Keep in mind that not everyone reads Talk regularly. I think that the DARS website I listed above might give direct contact info.

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  This is Jack Sprague... DMS-Talk forwards me messages that use my

@AllJack alias. my direct email is The Dallas Area Rocket Society has several loactions where we can
host rocket launches. The next scheduled club event is this
coming Saturday (June.22) up at our Gunter launch site. (Our
web-site “” has directions to this site and others.) If
you stay small enough (“A” size motors and 9 to 10inch rockets, we
can usually fly in a school or sports area. Most cities have
rules and regs, and some require permits… Feel free to coordinate with me on your rocket interests.


Flag Pole Hill works if

  • It is not particularly windy
  • There is not many other people wanting to use it

The best way to contact the movers and shakers at DARS is via the contact page:

Thanks for the detailed writeup. Jack has finally managed to slip the surly bonds of the presidency. The only hats he still wears is chair of the Equipment Committee and Webmaster.

George “The Other™” Sprague is now president and he is continuing his excellent service as Outreach Committee chair.

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As a former Scout leader who’s done a few Rocket Days…

Choose a site with a huge amount of open space. Huge being the key word.

Add Cub-made and Adult-made water rockets to the mix. They are both fun and creative. Can even add a design category if you’re thinking of an awards-based event.

Ensure your site allows the class of rockets being considered for launch.

Have fun!

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Water bottle rockets are our traditional September event. That is our most high-energy meeting of the year. :smiley:


We did a kid birthday party rocket launch at Flag Pole Hill many many years ago.

I’d be nervous with anything bigger than an A engine unless the rocket is REALLY heavy to keep the altitude down.

You might scope out the Moss Park soccer complex. If it’s still closed to soccer games you might be able to appropriate it for your needs. Then again, “let’s jump the fence and do an outlaw launch” might not be the best lesson to teach Cub Scouts. Or maybe it is… :smiley:

I agree that Moss soccer fields would be great. Only problem is they are (FINALLY!!!) renovating fields 1-6 this summer, so the park is closed.

The guy in charge of the Law in this case is the Fire Marshall. If you call up the Fire Marshall, you can clear this up front.

If you are shooting Estes A-C class motors, that’s pretty low grade pyro. Worst case scenario: a rocket lands on somebody’s car hood on Loop 12, or starts a fire, or pokes someone’s eye out. Out of 50, 1 or 2 could do this; don’t be asleep! Also, bring a Class A fire extinguisher, just in case there is a grass fire.

I beg to differ. My club launches thousands of rockets each year. We seldom have incidents. Fire landing on dry grass being the worst of them. Water is the best way to put those out; we use juice bottles, garden sprayers and Indian pumps.

Water IS a Class A fire extinguisher…specifically soda water.

You asked for advice, the Fire Marshall is the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). If you check in with him/her, everything will be cool.

Have a juice bottle for me!

Thanks, everyone, for the great advice. It looks like we will likely do a rocket launch in January 2020!