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Cyberpunk , mainly known by its second edition title Cyberpunk 2020 , is a cyberpunk role-playing game written by Mike Pondsmith and published by R. Talsorian Games in 1988. Because of the release in 1990 of the second edition, set in a fictional 2020, the first edition is often now referred to as Cyberpunk 2013 , following the fictional year, 2013, in which the game was set when it was first released in 1988. The third edition, published by R. Talsorian Games in 2005, is referred to as Cyberpunk V3.0 and is set further along the same fictional timeline as the former editions, during the 2030s.



Books: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/13/R-Talsorian-Games-Inc/subcategory/71_19343/Cyberpunk-2020?filters=0_0_0_44499_0
List of books: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cyberpunk_2020_books

Adventure Ideas: https://www.cyberpunk2020.de/2007/07/07/adventure-ideas-for-cyberpunk-2020/

Forums: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2020

Character Sheets: https://kingslynnrpg.weebly.com/uploads/7/4/6/1/7461495/cyberpunk_2020_-_core_-_character_sheet.pdf

Character Generator: https://ericdorsey.info/cp2020/index.html

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I don’t have a whole lot to add to the resources mentioned here, though I will add that using the filetype:pdf google search term will give you a copy of just about any of the source books you are interested in.

I think I mentioned in the other thread that this was the first paper and dice game I ever played. That was almost two decades ago (holy hell when did I get old?) so the details are a bit fuzzy. One thing our group did that helped was in the main campaign only NPC’s were allowed to be netrunner/deckers. We occasionally would all make a quick/temp character and all do some net running, but not in the main game. The reason being that netrunning can take a LONG time potentially even multiple sessions where almost all the party is doing nothing while one or two characters monopolize the DM’s attention.

if someone is serious about starting a cyberpunk session I would LOVE to take part. My gaming skills are a bit rusty, but that’ll shape up quick once we get going. Schedule wise after 730-8pm any night EXCEPT for Mondays and Thursdays. Saturday nights ~8pm would be ideal for me.

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I got some of the original books that we can use so if we can round up enough people I’ll be glad to host something on Tuesdays when @hon1nbo isn’t doing Paranoia.

There is something wonderfully meta about starting off 2019 playing cyberpunk 2020 in a building full of 3d printers and CNC machines of all sizes that use lasers, plasma, and spinning steel to turn ideas into bit and bits into matter.

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This is a tangent, but as I’ve aged, I remain amazed and interested at how years that seemed so far in the future, when they arrive, seem so mundane. That’s not be the word, maybe common is better. I was born in 1953, and the first date I remember in this regard was 1984. The 1956 movie made a huge impression on me as a kid. Then 2001: A Space Odyssey. When the year finally arrives, the future is merely common, and many of the amazing invention are commodities.


Don’t forget, we also live in the age of cyberdecks, Matrix, and drones plus VCC is going to be getting a payphone for hacking on.


Your telling me, at one time it was a big affair:

Now we have it in the palm of our hands:

Hell we’re getting even closer to Star trek level tech with android phones as tricorders and automated IoT with alexa skils.

Don’t forget Nasa has ion drives, warp drives and in time Phasers

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In about 1973, I asked my Grandmother (b. 1899) what technology had been most astounding to her, figuring she’d say airplanes or the moon landing. She answered “radio”. “When Jerome (my grandfather) told me, ‘Nell, they have a box that will pull voices out of the air, voices spoken by a man hundreds of miles away, with no wires or plugs connected to it.’, well I said. ‘My lands. If that is so, I’ll never be as surprised by anything, ever.’ And I wasn’t.” The way she described it, it truly evoked the wonder she felt.


Oh yeah, my point was, as an a 65 year old, as the radio was to my grandmother, the smart phone is to me.


I can’t argue with that. mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth, microwave ovens, etc… are all built on the efforts to provide news and entertainment to the masses via radio transmission.

Even the internet is not as impressive since its just a large message board, mall, and library rolled into one.

For myself its that we found evidence of rudimentary life on Mars and when we actually colonize another planet, let alone develop working warp drives that everyone is using.

Oh yeah. Actually l, I forgot the interest may be my radio. LOL. Ever read the story @The Machine Stops”? 190? Short story with an incredible concept of a mechanical setup that is not unlike some of the Internet’s functions.

No but it looks like I might enjoy it since from what I’m reading its like thx 1138 and Logans run. and if one thinks about it that was the same time everyone was being show the future via New York World’s Fair and Disney’s Tomorrowland when everyone was going on about videophones, fax machines, and MIT’s CCSTS Mail(1) program.

I think its amazing that it use to take us several generations to evolve now its taking us nearly 30 years and that is exponentially shortening as more generations use the internet as an everyday part of life. Just think what all these kids that grow up with a tablet in their hands before they even learn to walk will end up doing and creating.


I’m sure mine is a pale shadow of that wonder seeing how I’ve lived with it all my life, but that is what made me become a ham and pushed me all the way up to Extra despite having a mental block when it comes to math. When I squeeze 5-10 watts out of a kit I built or even 100watts out out of a commercial rig, and send my voice off to bounce off the sky and ground without ever knowing where its going to end up or who might reply i get a taste of it.

as a 37 year old I can relate to this too. I was 17-18ish when I got my own cellphone, it was a Motorola microTAC approximately the size, shape and weight of a brick with a couple corners shaved off. Lol tosort of bring the tangent back around; it was the same time frame as when I was playing CP2020 because I remember showing up to the game shop we met at and seeing an ad for the Wildwood Dagorhir realm (kinda sorta a LARP group but without the story line elements it was focused full contact combat with foam padded weapons) and being excited that I could just make the call and find out more instead of having to wait for the next day.

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Crazy stuff. In 1963, I lived in Albuquerque, and my uncle gave me what I called a shortwave radio ((don’t know if it’s the correct term). My dad ran a wire up a pole for an antenna, and I spent hours listening to an English language broadcast from Cuba, railing against America. I remember I’d always turn the lights off, because it reinforced the mystery of it all. I can see where bouncing your voice into the unknown would become addicting!

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