Reopening date and new rules

Greetings makers!
The board and all of the committee chairs have been working hard at getting the space ready for reopening. We are in the final stretch and will open the doors and give members access to the expanded space on Monday June 15th at noon!

As part of the process we have worked with each committee to develop a general rule set that applies to the entire space. Additionally, each of the committees has added notes to help people using that area understand how to safely use the area.

For questions about the general rules I should be able to answer most questions, for committee specific rules your chairs will be the best resource for answers. Please keep in mind that many of us will not be very quick to answer over this weekend as we are actively working on setting up the space for reopen.

I would also like to note, these rules have been tested here as we work through reopening. They have proven to be effective so far and easy to follow.

Here are the updated Covid-19 rules:

A big thanks to all the officers, chairs, vice-chairs and volunteers who have contributed to this effort.

Thanks, James


These all seem like reasonable requests. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to get everything reopened.


Hooray! It’s great news!

The rules seem reasonable and I assume they’ll be posted somewhere …

Big takeaway from the list of rules - you have to disinfect things both before and after you use them and you have to bring your own disinfectant for this purpose. At least one committee also requires you to wear disposable gloves.


I’ve put them on the Wiki as a file, but I’d like if a volunteer could update the page to include a wiki-native version as well as the file on the page:


Will the 3D printers be returning to DMS soon ?



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Has automotive moved into the new space?
If not when?

Are bandanas’s allowed? Cosplay masks that cover nose and mouth?

EDIT: from Brad Sims
“Wear whatever mask you choose, unless it has an unblocked/unfiltered exhaust port. It’s a really simple rule.”

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Nope. Doesn’t have anything to do with a pandemic. We’re working on it.

same old story

thanks for that

@mrjimmy: Blue-skying here…any thoughts on, or chance that Parks will be able to put small (travel) size things of hand sanitizer, gloves or masks in the vending machines or racks? A little kit (bottle + gloves + mask in a zip-lock) might be nice…or whatever else seems reasonable. Worth asking them?


I was in the middle of doing this when someone protected the page and I can’t finish it. I saved it after Ceramics committee. I have up through Printmaking complete but can’t save it.

@ESmith - if you want me to finish this, please temporarily unprotect. Your choice.


We were seemingly doing the same thing at the same time and in the collision I lost the near completion of the work.

[sigh]. I’ll unlock it. Please let me know when you’re done because I’ve not the will to manually re-do the conversion from the ugly copy-paste that PDF is giving me.

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I’m finished. Yes, it was ugly. I won’t guarantee my formatting is 100% correct, but it’s mostly there.


That was my approach with my now disappeared draft. Thanks.


This is very exciting! A fantastic job by DMS volunteers!!!


Yay!!! I’m so excited to get back to DMS!!! I have missed it! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you everyone that has worked so hard to make this happen.


I have a respirator style mask like this: for working in the woodshop. Looking at these rules, this wouldn’t be allowed?
(I should add that when I bought it they didn’t include the “drop down”)

Presumably anything with an exhaust port negates some of the effectiveness with an infected individual spreading virus particles. I’m guessing my RZ Mask won’t be OK either so I’m planning to use a cloth mask.