Question: which of the lasers are currently working?

Hi - I’m hoping to come in tonight or tomorrow morning to cut some thick paper on one of the lasers; I’m at home setting up my Illustrator cut files rn and wondering for the purposes of size if Big Thunder is up and able to be used, or if only the smaller ones are working.


Last I checked Big thunder is working, however the bed is still damaged so you have a much smaller laser area than usual.

I’ll be at the space in 45 minutes or so from this message and can take a look if you need.

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Thank you so much!

Sounds like we might be down to one laser again…

Aw, no - is it one of the little ones?

Blitzen is still working as well I believe.

Yeah it’s one of the regular sized thunders. I think only blitzen is working at the moment.

Big thunder should be working in the area that wasn’t warped by the fire, however the lens is dirty, and I was unable to unscrew it to clean it because it was over tightened last time or something. I’ll be back this Friday afternoon to try again

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The only laser working is Blittez… the other issue is there are no dry erase markers for me to put my name on the list… laser wait list.

What about Fusion and Zing?

Speaking of that, has Zing moved out of the orange classroom that was allocated to Animatronics?

I believe fusion is technically usable, but seems to be outputting it too low of a power or something - maybe a PSU issue?

Zing is out of animatronics, but not sure where it is now…maybe glassworks?

I will be over later this evening to try and clean / get at least one of the other lasers working.

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Is it time to start considering the retirement and replacement of one or more of the lasers?

They all seem to have accumulated enough wear and tear through the heavy and sometimes harsh use they receive at DMS that the issues are piling up faster than our limited number of volunteer man hours can keep up with.

It would be interesting to know how much revenue these lasers have generated since purchased which is supposedly for their maintenance and replacement.


I don’t know where the zing is and I’m cutting…

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It appears 3 of the lasers are very sick… have all the needed parts been ordered? When the next schedules repair day?

I don’t think so. Most of the issues have been cause/effect right then and there.

Fire caused more damage then it should have because the gas tanks were low.
Lenses are dirty/smudging/out of alignment because people aren’t always careful/runs it even after it starts showing issues.

From everything that I’ve seen most of the really internal stuff is all still in perfect working condition… I think we just need to start being stricter on people not using them properly, and also get better at general maintenance/training/classes/etc.


Donner is up and running now with a new tube and HV power supply and alignment.
Blitzen is working appropriately
Big thunder has a new lens and appears to be cutting. I believe we’re still looking for a new bed

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