QuakeCon 2019 - Year of Doom and Docker containers?!


We all remember when doom came over to linux right? PSdoom was an amazing hacking feat. One could play doom and kill system Daemons at the same time. How meta was that?!

We guess what, its back and for docker this time!

But wait, what could be more better than doom in docker

A swarm of horrid pixellated demons all running inside a docker cluster.

That’s what we’ll build for QuakeCon 2019. A doom pi cluster!!

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Ohh man. is there a way i can like contribute and get into quake con for cheaper as a result? hmm



QC sold out in 15 hours if you wanted to be able to bring a PC. Watch their Twitter for more seat updates as they might have more come up from cancellations.

Just showing up to QC is free though

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yeah, join the team that’s building out case mod project. We meet weekly in person on wednesdays and communicate over talk and discord.

Our project tracker is located on trello and all are welcome to give their input.


MakerTrade: 3D Scan and Case Design - $$

Just FYI, that Trello board seems to be private.



@Kentamanos got to be invited: https://trello.com/invite/b/8koIAkCE/2b509ac38f61047087f67c69ca0aa58e/quakecon-19