Plasma Cutter Training Request and Details

Would anyone be able to do a private session with me on the metal shop, and a session on the plasma cutter? Would love to get to use it for a project. What thickness steel can it cut through?

Colby Sherman

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The plasma cutter has its own wiki page. It links to the training slide deck which would answer a lot of questions and give you some useful information before you take the training.

Looks like half inch is the magic number. That wiki page says:

Great, I forgot to check out the wiki for the equipment details. Do you who I should reach out to regarding training?


Posting here was the right place.

Just checking in again, anyone available to teach and check me out for use of the plasma cutter? Halp pls pls pls will do anything

@Llenclyen is the guy who’s stepped up to teaching the Dynatorch. Also, I don’t see Colby Sherman in the Hot Process Safety class AD. Lucky for you – that class is coming up Wednesday at 7 pm, in the Interactive Classroom.


Awesome, thank you. I just registered for the Hot Process Safety class on Wednesday. @Llenclyen , is there a time after Wednesday’s class that you could teach me the Dynatorch? I am more than willing to go through any and all steps required to become teaching certified so I can return the favor to DMS. Maybe make the teaching load a little easier in time. Thanks,

How often do we replace the consumables? Do we replace them all as a kit, provided on the wiki page, everytime we use? Do the users replace, or does DMS/Metal Shop cover these costs? Or maybe the user places their personal kit on before using the cutter, like bits for the multicam?

We (DMS) replace consumables as needed. It is encouraged to order your own consumables for your best results. If you have your own consumables, they tend to last much longer due to you taking care of them.


Great, thank you @TBJK . I haven’t heard from @Llenclyen yet, is there another Dynatorch teacher you would recommend? Someone who can get me checked out on it to begin use? I know we are volunteer run and all doing our best, just want to see if there is someone else available that I am unaware of since I am new to the metal shop.

I would be interested in taking the next dynatorch class as well!

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Apologies, I should have responded sooner. I just submitted for another Dynatorch class to be posted to the schedule on Sunday the 17th at 2pm. You should be able to see that listed in the calendar by this Saturday at the latest I would assume.


Awesome, thank you!! I will keep an eye out for it, definitely want a spot!

Manny – I see that you haven’t requested your Green Dot yet. There’s a category for that.

And, have you taken a Hot Process Safety class yet? It’s a prerequisite for taking Dynatorch or welding classes.

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Apologies. I realized a conflict that I have so I needed to resubmit the time I will be teaching the next Plasma cutter class. It will still be that Sunday the 18th but I will be doing it at 7pm. As I had to resubmit it will probably show up on the schedule on Tuesday. Again, sorry for that.

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I have not requested a green dot yet, let me look that up and find out what I need to do thank you!

Yes, I just took the hot process safety class with you last Wednesday evening. Thank you for your help!

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7pm on Sunday works well for me!

Class has posted: Events | Dallas Makerspace Calendar



Is anyone else having issues downloading the file attached to the event?