Picking up stuff

How long do I have to come get my things before they get tossed? I don’t even remember how many pieces I had waiting but unfortunately, my membership is inactive until August. I’m high risk & my son-in-law is a Dr on the COVID team so I need to stay quarantined. Is there some kind of time exception being made in regard to the pandemic? Thanks everyone!! Cheryl

Yes, weird times. Stay safe, haven’t set a hard date yet, let’s say in about a month August 7th.

I know nada about ceramics, but recal someone posting about shelves being crowded. I’d be concerned about potential breakage. Is there a way to identify @Flips4soccer’s pieces and put somewhere for safety? Or is the shelf crowding not yet at critical mass?

They were, that’s why we added thecoverflow shelf.

I’ve sent a pm to the chair and the ceramics team. The board and logistics may be able to help with a long term solution until covid restrictions are lifted. Once we work something out it will be posted. We will make sure no one has to choose between coming in during covid-19 and abandoning their work.


This is one of the many reasons I LOVE DMS!!! Everyone is so kind & willing to help! It’s a whole different atmosphere than the rest of the world. Love you crafters so much!!!


If you can let us know your makers mark, we can go through all the pieces for you :+1:

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I don’t know if that was intentional, but I kinda like the subtle Cover reference. Might be a good start to a name for the storage process; #TheCovidFlow shelf.


Or perhaps set up a Facetime call with @Flips4soccer and video-review the shelf contents in real time.

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Or @Flips4soccer if i take a picture of shelves…i send to you and you circle them and send back :thinking:

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