March '20 Windchimes Class - please pick up your pieces

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone has stayed safe during these crazy times. I wanted to let you know that if you were in the Dallas Makerspace Ceramics Windchimes Course (part 1) from back in March, your pieces have been fired and are waiting to be glazed. If you already glazed them, they’re waiting to be picked up. I’m hoping to schedule part II of the class, when we’re approved to do so.

The Ceramics Firing Team is going to clear the bisque shelves because they are overflowing with bisque orphans. Please come and collect them or make arrangements to come and get them by the end of this week (7/26).

DMS Ceramics committee members are happy to bring your items out to you so that you don’t have to enter the building. Yes, we wear masks because we’re safe and we care about ourselves and others. If you’d like to coordinate this with someone, please go through the Talk Kiln Threads (links below), save the pic with your items, and then post them/share them with the Ceramics Talk so we know which ones are yours. There are lots of bisque orphans. I’m usually at the space on the weekends so I’m available Saturday morning/early afternoon if needed.



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Picking up stuff

How long do I have to come get my things before they get tossed? I don’t even remember how many pieces I had wai…
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Thanks for the update @Synth83! I don’t think mine got fired because I took them off the “to be bisqued” shelf and covered them since we didn’t know when the makerspace would reopen. So unless you took them off the “in progress” shelf, I still need to get them fired.

I’ve been dying to come back. When is it least crowded? I’m trying hard to social distance and stay away from people, but I really want to make stuff though! :weary: I need to get a few pieces fired anyways.

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Petty much empty all the time except Saturday and Sunday.

Hiya! They’re probably still there on the progress shelf. I can’t speak for the “when is it least crowded” but I can vouch that the last few weekends I’ve been there, there’s been no one or about 3 others who didn’t stay as long as I did. Masks are mandatory and we’ve been distancing. We have a sign up board too just in case there are lots of people wanting to use the wheels/space. We’ve also transitioned to the warehouse/larger space so that’s nice.

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What times can you come in? Right now the work areas are in the new warehouse, and the kilns (and ready to be fired shelves) are in the old warehouse, so I see all the traffic when folks are done. Right now, weekday afternoon, is pretty dead. Naturally, if you’re on a regular 8-5 M-F, that doesn’t help you. Folks are concerned enough about the situation that we don’t seem to be hugely busy at any time. I mean, Sunday afternoon, when we had the committee meeting, there were 4 people working back there. And the area is bigger than the old area. For that matter, you can always pick stuff up and take it to one of the tables in the Flex area to work on.

If we’ve tossed any work-in-progress, I haven’t seen it mentioned in Talk. I was one of the ones helping when we move all the w-i-p over to the new side right before we opened.


Yeah! Your pretty pour over is there waiting for you too!

Yeah…I think I’m going to bring that home and finish it there. I have a few items to glaze though, so I’ll probably try to come do that after work during the week. I think I’ll try to run over there tonight to move my stuff to the bisque area so I can do a big glazing day once that’s fired.

I miss being there soooooooooooooo much! It sucks living alone during all of this. I get zero human interaction. Every social thing I did is on hold. :confounded:


I’m sorry to hear that Jen! You can still come hang out with us, just 6 feet apart with a mask :mask: There are disinfecting things everywhere for us to use and like previously stated, there is more room in the new area…


Jen we miss you too. Come back!!! :laughing:

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I actually stopped by not long after my last reply on here. Put my wind chimes on the shelf to be bisqued and took home my pour over to finish the underglaze. Now that I saw how empty it is, I’ll probably start coming by during the week to get back on the wheel. :hugs:


See? Yeah, I was there last night briefly and there was only one other person. Social distancing is easy in the new space. :slight_smile:

It was probably the guy I was talking to while I was there. He was just starting his project on the wheel. I guess I wasn’t good enough for you to see. :rofl:

Sadly, when I grabbed my windchime stuff to take to the kiln area, one of my fingers broke a shark in 2 places. :sob: I used that bisque glue stuff, so I hope I did it right. :grimacing: It was my 1st time using it and the directions on the bottle are horrible. LOL Hoping it fires correctly! :crossed_fingers:

Actually, if you’re fixing greenware, you can use some slip. Assuming, of course, that it’s your clay so that it’s easy for you to make some slip from it. Some folks recommend adding some vinegar when you’re mending dry greenware, but I’ve never found it necessary. The wings on my dragons break every time someone bumps them, so I’ve repaired them quite a bit that way.

It was actually class clay, so I don’t know what kind it was. :roll_eyes: We’ll see how it turns out!

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Class clay is typically white stoneware