Painting the DMS Blue Screen Timelapse



This is my favorite.


Fun video, but blue is the incorrect choice. Green is superior for keying.


Opinions appear to differ (historical amusement warning):


I’ve no dog in the fight but I have always wondered why it’s blue when it seems everyone else uses green.


The way I understand how it went when they moved in…

“Cool we are going to have an AV room, lets do a green screen.”
“But it might be a conference room as well and green is annoying… it hurts my eyes.”
sigh … okay how about Blue?”
“Sounds Good”

I do know that Adnan @thespacemaker has told me that they are doing a Green Screen somewhere in the space. It might be in one of the new classrooms where CA is currently.


I had donated a green screen background and they decided to paint the wall blue so we would have both options available.


Just as a point of order for anyone who is thinking of doing any Chromakey work:

  1. Video/Digital cameras have vastly superior resolution in the Green channel, usually a 4:1 ratio vs green or blue individually. (See the link below)

  2. Green is a vastly less popular color of clothing over Blue.

Aesthetics of the room are debatable, but those two things are pretty irrefutable.


Was this grid engineered this way because the peak of photopic sensitivity is 555nm (thus yielding a higher perceived brightness)?


This is a pretty good video on green/blue screen.


Hit the nail on the head, Draco.

Thanks for bringing us back! That can of blue is around here somewhere…


@Spoonanator you beat me to the punch! I was about to post that same vid, haha. Captain D’s so underrated.


Also (sorry for so many posts) here’s the non-gif version for all you mobile users


We really do need independent lighting at the correct color temperature. It would be nice to be able to flip a switch and have it lit and then you use the other lights for your subject.


Arguably the best VFX explanations on youtube.


I’m assuming that this is circa 2014 when DMS first moved into Monetary?