Open back Resin Pendants


I want to get a feel for the kinds of classes people want to see coming out of the new Resin SIG.

Anyone interested in a pendant class using UV Resin and open back bezels and dried flowers or other inclusions like transfer papers/glitters/mini steampunk gears/etc? We wouldn’t need the pressure pot or vacuum chamber for these.

Pic is not mine, but is an example of adding inclusions.


I think that one would be really popular!


Yeah, that looks like fun!


Yes please


Ummmmm YES!!!


Those open back bezels look kool


This is a fun technique and you can use a lot of different materials to make a bezel. Here is an open backed resin pendant that I made using a piece of copper pipe from Home Depot.


Yes, this is definitely something in which I have much interest.


That’s what I have - they make perfect bezels!


Sign me up.


Cool, I submitted the class and will post when it goes live. Thanks everyone!


Yes, I am interested. Would love this class


Hi all, class is live here


Ha. That was fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thx for posting heads up (I snagged one, it’s full now)


that was FAST! I checked much earlier and it was full.


FYI, I was wandering through DAISO today, and they have little tubes of UV resin for 1.50.


If anyone wasn’t able to get in I’ll do a second class. Just let me know.


I know where I’m going tomorrow! Thanks!


if you make it they will come


I happened to see it 3min after she posted and signed up or I probably would have missed it. Got the first spot.

I just checked a min ago (3h after the post) out of curiosity. All full. Obviously good interest