Open back Resin Pendants


I just set another one up for Sunday the 27th at 3. Will lost when it’s up.

I also posted a Petri Dish coaster class in Feb that should appear on Tuesday.


Naive guy here. I’ll bite. What’s DAISO?


Japanese dollar-type store. All sorts of weird random stuff. There is one store in Carrollton at Old Denton Rd & Trinity Mills (SE corner) and another location in Plano at Spring Creek & Central Expy.


Thank you!



Do you think you might need to borrow a UV box? (Fingernail zapping thingie) I took a class at the International Quilt Show, with Bout 35 women jostling for curing space in two puny little boxes. It was not pretty… I’d be happy to loan you mine.


That would be great! I have one big one but another one wouldn’t hurt! Would I be able to get it from you that Thurs or Friday before class?


I am very interested in taking this class


I’ll let you know when the new one posts Cairren.


I’m sure we can make that happen.


Please!!! It filled up so fast!!!


Now what’s so weird about ‘Chair Socks’?


Daiso has some very interesting things. I look at some of the tiny kitchen wares and think only an elf could use it.


I think all the thug-looking items are sponges.


I really want to know what that cat is saying, he looks sad.

Edit- Added possible translation.


IRL Cat, not so sad


“I sorry pee on rosebush and poop under window. I bring you mouse dead.”


Maybe Japanese cats aren’t as bad-ass as this guy.


Sunday class has been posted
@Cairenn_Day @coffeebean


Is there any way to sign up without prepaying I would rather pay in cash that day