November 2020 VECTOR Committee Meeting & Console Repairs - 11/23 7 PM


For the November 2020 VECTOR committee meeting, this coming Monday at 7 PM (see the physical & virtual details at, we are scheming to engage in the realm of home consoles. I have sent out an Interest Check (that’s not gotten a lot of views :confused:) related to making content around smaller, less involved types of repairs and modifications (especially compared to a barn-find pinball game :wink:) that we can all get together and do quickly.

If you’ve got any kind of home game consoles that you want to try repairing or modifying, please see this thread Interest Check: Retro Game Console Modifications and leave your feedback! Or, also come out to our committee meeting and make your voice heard.

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Reminder that this is coming up tomorrow. Unfortunately I forgot to evangelize the repair workshop idea in person at the retro gamer swap meet yesterday…but I did get to meet one of the game designers who worked at Gottlieb right up until nearly the end, and did the DMD programming for games like Stargate!

@mrcity if you need help posting minutes to the wiki let me know.

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