New in Laser - RFID Login Screen(s)


Sunday @Team_Laser installed the first RFID login on Blitzen, the laser nearest the back door. The RFID login is currently very simple: Scan your RFID token or card and the laser will log you in and start the three hour wall timer. Simply press logout on the touch screen to finish your session.

The screen displays your name and phone number that you registered with DMS while you are logged in. This serves several purposes:

  1. If you walk away for a moment (with the machine properly paused :slightly_smiling_face:), people will know the laser is still in use and not to take it.

  2. If you walk away without pausing your job properly, anyone nearby knows who they need to find and how to get a hold of you.

  3. It is the beginning of an electronic queue system we hope to add over time.

We hope the new system will, over time, make laser a better experience. We hope to continue to add features to the login screens, such as automatic cut-time counting so you know how much to pay for your laser session. Please let Team Laser know any feedback you have about the login screens. You will need to have taken the proper laser classes for each machine. If you’ve taken the class and you can’t login, let us know.

Happy Laser-ing!



What happens if I forget to logout? Is the laser “blocked” for the remaining 3 hours or does the laser become available because it is not paused?


It’s just a timer that displays your name. I don’t know if there’s a “reset” button or if you badge in it cancels the previous person and restarts the time for you, but either way, the laser is still usable.


The same etiquette still applies as before. People frequently forget to logout from the laser computers when they are done. Similar to the computers, anyone can press logout on the login screen on the machine if someone has abandoned the laser and forgot to logout.

If someone walks away for 10+ min, with their design up and the material in the machine, but paused, you can contact them at the number displayed on the machine to make sure they are done or see if they are still working. If you can’t get a hold of them after a reasonable amount of time, it is probably fair to set their work aside carefully and use the machine.


I get an error when trying to use the new timer. Sorry, I forgot to record the error message, but will update with a photo next time as it is reproducible 100% of the time.


It only checks that you are in the proper groups for the laser classes. There’s a kiosk in the common area you can use to make sure your account lists all the class you have taken. Please check and make sure laser classes are on your account.


I did just that earlier today. @bramsey and I have the same list of Laser classes. I had no problem using the gadget last week. So, the problem does not appear to be Active Directory group membership related.


I’ll check the groups at the kiosk next time I am at DMS. I should be listed as have attended several Laser classes.


No need. This is your group membership. The second entry is the one of interest.

dsget user "CN=Bradley Ramsey4706,OU=Members,DC=dms,DC=local" -memberof

"CN=Laser 102 Zing Basics,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=Laser 101 Thunder Basics,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=CA Shapeoko Users,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=VCarve Users,OU=Applications,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=Woodshop Multicam CNC Router,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=3D Printer Basics,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=Woodshop Basics,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=Woodshop Lathe Basics,OU=Security,OU=Groups,DC=dms,DC=local"
"CN=Domain Users,OU=Groups,OU=Admin,DC=dms,DC=local"


This morning instead of issuing an error the kiosk stays at the login screen after reading the RFID and does not start a visible timer. Just fyi.


Tap the text box at the bottom of the screen if that happens. I’ve got a fix for that, just haven’t put it on Blitzen’s kiosk just yet.


I’d suggest moving the locations of the login and logout buttons. They currently overlap the same screen real estate, which makes it very easy to login and immediately logout accidentally with a double tap on the login screen.


Ideally you would never have to use the login button, scanning the tag should log you in, but I see your point.

Thanks, noted for future improvements.


Initial scan populated the field with my ID number and I had to hit Submit.
Subsequent scans automatically submitted.

All attempts for my RFID badge reported “Your RFID is not valid. Please check with Team Infrastructure”:


Brad - I dub thee the Official Beta Tester of Laser.


Can you DM me your RFID tag number so I can debug this? Should be written on the back of your card/tag.

The message basically indicates that it doesn’t think you are in the right groups for the machine. Sounds like that isn’t the case, so I’ll check it out.


It looks like “Laser Basics” works but “Laser 101 Thunder Basics” does not.

There was a member this morning who couldn’t login even though he had 101 and 102. When I added “Laser Basics”, he was able to login.


That’s new. We’ve had the 101 and 102 AD logins working up until now.


Ah, ok. I’ll modify it to look for the different variants on groups and classes.

This system is still very much in development, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.