New in Laser - RFID Login Screen(s)


Another thing is to only read the card ID into the field once. If the card is held there too long, it reads twice. I’d think after reading the card, you could also just submit automatically instead of requiring the user to tap submit.


The rfid reader provides an enter key stroke, which should submit. Odd to see it type the number twice.

We’re likely changing to a more robust reader anyway that we can mount to the machine.


I had this exact same issue as @bramsey about 10 days ago.


OK, so I’ll be the dummy here. I forgot this was installed. I used Blitzen Saturday 12/22. I didn’t use the RFID login screen. At all. It let me use Blitzen.


Yep, until we’re confident that it won’t lock people out, it doesn’t prevent you from using the machine.


I created a wiki page for this project:

I also fixed the issue where if someone bumps the touchscreen, the field where the card number is entered looses focus. Bumping the screen (“clicking”) now actively refocuses the cursor in the right place.


How do I get set up for the laser timer login? I have training but it does not recognize me.



edit never mind it’s just an expansion of the already existing rfid code on git.


It looks like you have had zing, not thunder classes.


I have actually had both now, I took a zing class and then a thunder one a week later.


I guess I will just have to take another some time just to get marked! They must have not gotten me on the attendence