Mushroom growing/mycology SIG Interest?

I’m trying to see if there’s interest at DMS for growing medicinal and gourmet mushrooms at DMS (No psychedelics) If you are interested in learning to grow mushrooms or if you already have experience and would be willing to help please chime in by replying that you’re interested.

I have Hericium erinaceus(lion’s mane) and Pleurotus djamor(Pink Oyster) and would be willing to share/give away some cultures, if you please reply to this thread telling me what you want if you want any.


Oooo… definitely interested. I took one class growing oyster mushrooms at DMS in early 2020 and have been growing mushrooms at home with kits.

Hoping some other people are also interested because I’m having a lot of fun at it – though far from experienced.

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Awesome, what species have you grown?

interested in the gourmet varieties for sure.


Yes, very interested!

Definitely interested in trying to grow lion’s mane.

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Do you have any in particular?

I’ll ask @kobin (SCI Chair) if we can do it under the sci committee.

morel, oyster, shitakie, chantrelle? Probably some delicious ones I’ve never heard of? I’m not at all familiar with growing but eat them often. I typically cook mushrooms as a side or as a main to replace a protein. I usually cook them dry sauteed, or quick sauteed to focus the mushroom flavor.

I’d be interested!

So far just blue oyster and lion’s mane. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we probably won’t able to grow morels and chanterelles (at least not at first) as they are mycorrhizal (they form a symbiotic relationship with another organism) and are thus very tricky to cultivate.

we would defiantly grow saprophytic(grows on dead organic matter) Lion’s mane, All the oysters, shiitake, maitake, Reishi, and many others.


Interested, have tried a couple of times and it always go south. Would love to know what I am doing wrong.


The Science Lab area has most of what we need to grow mushrooms. Probably need a fresh bag of wood chips though. @FairieCyanide taught the class a while back

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I’ve wanted to try the 5 gallon bucket technique but never taken the plunge. Definitely interested in gleaning any knowledge available

Sorry to hear that, I will be at the next SCI Committee meeting on May 9th I will be glad to help you troubleshoot. Or if you’re on a time constraint you can DM me.

I am not currently growing any just have tried in the past. Bought logs and boxes that were supposed to grow them etc. They always went moldy on me. I can definitely wait for the class, so I can learn how to make my own. Thanks for the kind offer though.

@TBenV We had a couple boxes of spawn/syringes liquid culture in the fridge. I am not sure if they are still there or good or not. So you would have to check the fridge or ask @kobin.

I had also made some jars, in preparation for making liquid culture or doing a liquid culture class. Once again ask @kobin if they are still there. I think i also bought some agar. I can’t remember if i got the petri dishes for plates or not. I also don’t remember if i got the media for the liquid cultures. If i look around my house i may have some spores from when i grew blue oysters that i was going to being back and attempt to plate and then transfer to liquid culture.

I had also grown the blue oysters doing the lime and straw method. I had planned to do a test run of mushrooms that required wood chips. I had some wood chips in a bag but they may no longer be there. (Not enough for a class)