Multicam SIG Category and 1st Post


The following have specifically expressed interest in being a Multicam SIG member at least on a time available basis:
@nacho (Natcha Pradappet)
@Coul (Coulson)
@fedakkee (Kee Fedak)
@indytruks138 (Ryan Davidson)
@talkers (John Gorman)
@yashsedai (Freddy Calvert)
@JRay (Jeff Ray)
@rshill (Ryan Shill)
@tomthm (Tommy Thomas)
@thefinal (Kendra)
@Kentamanos (Kent Bowling)
@gsommers (Greg Sommers)
@mblatz (Marshall)
@shoottx (Mike Jury)
@cghaly (Chris Ghaly) … well actually, he didn’t officially volunteer, but I’m sure he wants to, right? :wink:

Plus @themitch22 (Mitch Cerroni) who I am drafting at least as a conversation monitor in event he sees us heading in a wrong direction.

And @Mrksls2 who has the power of the checkbook for the woodshop.

If I missed someone or overstated your intent, let me know.

I hope to minimize meetings by using this forum for communications. Ad hoc meeting with subsets of members will be used where a narrow focus or experience is needed so that everyone’s time is respected. Will this work? Time will tell, but the alternative is big meetings which just about everyone doesn’t want or have time for. A key will be to document discussions so all can see and shout out if a point is missed or wrongheaded.

Here’s a summary of what has been done to date:

  • 12/10/18 Chris Ghaly, and I replaced the spoilboard with a new LDF board with sealed edges.
  • 12/11/18 Had a rep from Republic Blower look at the vacuum system and he determined the main inlet filter was way beyond cleaning. Purchased and installed new main and vacuum relief valve filters. The combination of a new spoilboard and new filters temporarily restored holddown vacuum to usable level.
  • 12/14/18 Replaced 3 pole power switch on the Multicam Control Box. (Thanks to Freddy for going to Fort Worth to get a same day replacement.)
  • Dec 2018 Mark began purchasing an inventory of common use router bits and a new replaceable carbide insert spoilboard flycutter. Also purchased new collets and has ordered new collet cover nuts.
  • Spoilboard has been milled with the new flycutter a few times to restore a flat surface after users cut grooves as well as attempt to maintain vacuum holddown power which began to decline.
  • Discovered spoilboard is cupping upward most noticeably at the corners, but also along all four edges. Gluing the front corners helped keep the board flat in the area most users work, but did not help vacuum holddown.
  • 12/27 Discovered the new main filter housing gasket was out and laying on the floor???
  • 12/29 Discovered the new main filter was really dirty. This should not happen. Cleaned same.
  • 12/30 Discovered more dirt on the main filter. Concluded dust is traveling under the spoilboard edges due to the cupping of the spoilboard. This is getting the filter dirty and the air flow is bypassing the spoilboard explaining at least part of the holddown problem. Removed the spoilboard, cleaned the phenolic panels, reinstalled the spoilboard, taped all the edges with Gorilla tape. No significant improvement was obtained. Waiting on 1/4" pipe thread tap due to arrive 12/31 so can install vacuum gauges in an attempt to locate where the vacuum loss is occurring.

Kuddos to Mike Jury and Natcha who have frequently helped out with tasks listed above.

Also on 12/30 I had an ad hoc meeting with Mitch Cerroni to get a Multicam Field Rep’s opinion on a variety of items. Natcha and Coul joined in for most of the meeting.

  1. Identified lubrication maintenance needs (and have since asked Natcha & Freddy to look into further)
  2. Discussed spindle noise mentioned by Brian and speculated that this is not bearings, but bit slipping in the recently replaced worn out collets. Need users to monitor for noise that sounds like bad bearings … sounds just like you would expect: a growl. (Slipping bits typically squeal.)
  3. Discussed dust shoe design(s) available from Multicam (not recommended) as well as a custom design (which Mitch encouraged).
  4. Discussed Cover nut wrench and torque wrench options. Mitch is going to check with Multicam for us.
  5. Discussed the vacuum table bed (which Mitch and I feel is a terrible design for DMS). Mitch is going to determine options that Multicam might be able to provide (free, at a discount, other). I am going to look into alternative options including something for a test prior to the move. If such a test proved successful, it would expand both confidence and options for any modifications best made during the re-install.

That’s all I can recall for the recap. Let me know if you have additional input. Use this woodshop talk subcategory so everyone can easily find the conversation.

Lastly, is there a volunteer who is a 3D printer and would be willing to make a fixture or two?


Dust Shoe design
MultiCam status 12/31/18 and Maintenance actions

Thanks Bert @bertberaht for putting this together and for all your hard work to keep the MultiCam running.


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FYI, new member has volunteered for the SIG:
@bramsey (Bradley Ramsey)


Please add me to this SIG. Thanks, April


And another:
@coffeebean (April)


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The various maintenance and design discussions have been split into separate threads as follows. Please respond in those locations:

Multicam status, investigations, & maintenance actions
Dust Shoe design & fab
Dust collector overload & sensors

This thread is primarily for discussion of the interest/membership in the SIG.


I’d like to be a part of this sig too. Not sure that I am a 3d printer, but I keep meaning to grab that defunct remote control to model and 3d print a protective clam shell type thing for… would probably need to make new hangers also. What did you have in mind if it hasn’t already been taken care of?


Thanks for signing up Ben.
The 3D print project is related to the dust shoe. (Dust Shoe design)
@Coul has taken the lead on that.


Meeting held tonight at 6:15 as scheduled. Missed the input from lots of SIG members.

Looking for SIG members who can be at the Space Sunday morning at 9:30 for what should be 2 hours of work or less to adjust the vacuum manifold under the table and to install the zone valves that arrived today. This is very necessary work that needs to be done before revised training begins.


Can’t be there at 9:30 my eta is about 1:00 if that will help


Video about updates!

Here is the update on the recent changes to the Multicam. If you are a user, this is a must watch to understand changes to the spoilboards and hold down.

A second video detailing a couple other alternative hold down options can be found at .

A huge thank you to Bert for leadership on this important issue!


Watched the videos, really fantastic job getting the “meat” of the info out there. Looking forward to seeing the revised shoes.