MultiCam status 12/31/18 and Maintenance actions


This topic is to discuss the various status and maintenance actions. It is removed from @bertberaht 's original post to allow the original post to focus on its initial intent - identifying persons interested in the SIG.

These other two threads contain specific discussion on the dust shoe and the dust collector overload.

Multicam SIG Category and 1st Post

There is a dedicated exhaust duct for the Multicam vacuum in the new woodshop.

Multicam SIG Category and 1st Post

Are you talking about the Republic blower exhaust or the dust collector exhaust?
I would have expected the current Republic blower exhaust to be a dedicated pipe to the roof.


Specifically for the vacuum table - not for the dust.


How does it differ from what exists now?


Bert, if you’re good with it, I’m going to make a sign for the multicam stating not to work on it unless trained to do so.


Coul, I lean toward liking the sign idea. Let me get the vacuum gauges on the system first. My initial thought is to have the sign refer to the filters and blower rather than the entire system, but I’m still mulling it over.


Update: Back on Dec 11th, a rep from Republic Blower looked at our system and declared the blower to be OK and that the filter was our problem. We changed the filter, cleaned it several times, did other stuff and still found inadequate vacuum performance. Today I was able to make detailed performance measurements and now know we do in fact have a blower problem. The flowrate through the machine is nowhere close to the 350 cfm rating. As a result, we have about 40" of water vacuum at the manifold of the table instead of more like 140". Blower impeller is probably dirty and restricted. Internals of regenerative blowers are rather complicated, so ours needs to go to the factory shop for cleaning and/or a rebuild. Will investigate cost and timing Wednesday. If it is a slow process, will try to get a loaner if such is available.

Mike Jury and I disconnected the blower and moved it into the workshop area pending transport to the service shop. Breaker was locked out by Mark Salas and will stay locked until repairs are completed.

During the above activity, we discovered the dust collector was stuffed to the gills. Some TRE (turkey rear end) or possibly a small flock of such critters kept running the dust collector until the collection bag was full, the cyclone section was full and the dust filter bag on top had nearly a foot of sawdust in it. Mike & I got it cleaned out and Mike rebuilt the dust filter bag support. Now to keep it from being abused again!


Other weird information: Someone (probably a TRE as well) confiscated a portion of the CAT cable connecting the Multicam station Rasberry Pi to the network. Without this connection, the terminal for the Multicam was dead. Stan provided a coupler and some cable. That’s back in place and the Multicam can now be used … just without vacuum holddown.

Anyway, some progress, some weirdness, and the Multicam is at least usable.

MultiCam dust collector - overflow

Sure wish I had time to tackle this, because I would. Stupid work gets in the way of fun all the time. Lol


Vacuum blower update: Freddy convince me to give a try at opening the blower and at least cleaning it. So, that we did along with some gracious Makers who chipped in with elbow grease and expertise.

Blower was dirty, but actually cleaner than I would have expected. After cleaning and reassembling, it didn’t work any better. What was realized after the fact was that we didn’t find any evidence of a seal between the two stages. Freddy double checked the schematic and it appears that the seals have been total consumed … as in no trace save a few scratches on the raceway that should have held a seal. Looks like we will be buying some parts and have another round of fun taking it apart and putting it back together but with more pieces than we started with!


Thank you and @yashsedai so much for your hard work’


We need to take the Republic blower for the Multicam CNC apart again. I plan to start on it at approximately 5:00 today. If any other makers want to volunteer to lend a hand, it will be appreciated.


Much thanks to Tim (@TBJK) for his assistance with all activities on the blower this evening. And to Tom (@tanderson2009) who helped with the reinstall.

After an inordinate amount of time trying to find missing parts for the Republic Blower, the manufacturer finally realized they had given us the wrong schematic. Once the correct drawing was made available, parts were obtained and the blower reassembled. Performance is definitely improved, but we will not be able to declare success until the current spoilboard is replaced. Existing board has taken a terrible beating of late due to the vacuum blower outage. If at all possible, I intend to rebuild the spoilboard system on Monday.


I don’t know how helpful I can be, but I follow directions pretty well, so would like to volunteer to be a minion on Monday, if the spoilboard project is a “go”


Assume it is a “go” unless I post otherwise.


Noon? Or show up a little earlier?


I should be there by 11:00, so anytime after that works. Thanks.


Do you have an electronic copy of the correct schematic/drawing? If you can send it to me via PM I will be glad to upload it to the wiki and link it to the MultiCam page.


Delays at plywood company. May be a little after 11:00.


The DMS Multicam was purchased as a combo Vacuum/T-Slot table. It has been converted to a more traditional vacuum table with 6 zoned sections. T-slots are no longer accessible. The 6 zones each have a separate spoilboard and will eventually have valves so that each zone can be turned on or off as needed.

To make this happen, we lost 0.4" of usable Z height. That should be recoverable for a user who needs extra Z height by using an extra thin spoilboard (1/4" as an example).

The Multicam SIG is meeting on Thursday to discuss how to make training available to Makers so full advantage can be obtained from the change.