Mouser Donation 2018


Pitch shifting timpani drum roll accompanied w/ rolling snare drum intro…rim shot…

Mouser has generously stepped up and donated the following gear to the ELab for 2018.

  1. FLIR-E4-WIFI thermal imager.

I marked the charger - just in case someone forgets to keep it in the case w/ the imager.
Pict on right is corner of the ELab. Taking a pict of the imager taking a pict was interesting.

  1. FLUKE-572-2 ir thermometer

  1. Fluke T6-1000 meter

Got this to be a complement to our Fluke clamp meter (an earlier Mouser donation)

  1. Fluke 80K-40 high voltage probe

This replaces the hi v probe Walter donated that was stolen. (see tool wiki) I’ve been asked if the probe could be used w/ Oscope. The answer is yes. You will need how, where and what things are grounded. Not sure? Then don’t! ASK!

  1. Metcal PCT-103-11 preheat wrkstn

  1. Digilent analog dscvry 2 (7x)

Digilent is part of National Instruments - the LabView folks. Very versatile module for learning/teaching. Manual and sftwr are available for dwnldng. A short list of some of the tutorials:
Using the Logic Analyzer
Using the Pattern Generator
Using the Protocol Analyzer
Using the Spectrum Analyzer

Note: Some/most of the IO on the module are 3.3v. Read the manual / tutorial and pay attention! Do not burn up the new gear!

Thank You Mouser!

Tool Wiki will be updated soon.


This model can be “unlocked” into an E8 with higher resolutions.


But this should not be done, as it would void the warranty.


They should have DMS engraved into them so if stolen we can prove ownership - as well as photos of data plate and S/N kept on file.


In the works.
Tool Wiki will have all the above info - picts, links,etc.
And Serial no.


As long as the fault can be proved to be a hardware issue, changing the software on the device doesn’t by law void the warranty.

With that said, DMS as an entity, shouldn’t be replacing the firmware on the device from a manageability standpoint. Something like that would need someone in the know to keep up with firmware updates in a way that wouldn’t brick the device, and in a volunteer environment such a person couldn’t be guaranteed.

I’m not in any way recommending that we modify the device, just that we are surrounded by makers and someone might come along an “help” the device. Since it’s possible, we should probably have the chair make a solid rule about whether the device should be “upgraded” or no.

I personally lean towards no as well.


Let’s not punch a gift horse in the mouth.

Accept a generous donation and not try to take unfair advantage.


Generally hacking the hrdwr at DMS is discouraged. Consistent maintenance as mentioned and possible bricking of the device are good reasons. And there are potential legal issues. You are attempting to gain/turn on a feature that is normally charged for - vendors/manufacturers see that as theft.

I don’t think there is an “official” policy on this. Brick an expensive piece of gear, you might be given the option to replace what you damaged at your expense and/or be banned. Especially if you did not have permission to do the hack.

And here’s a perspective that most won’t consider/realize. Any organization that has reputation for hacking its gear to gain features for free runs the risk of being dropped/turned down by vendors/manufacturers for donations/sponsorship.


Does CA or ? have an engraver?
Something along the line of vibrating sharp metal point that engraves on metal, plastic, etc.


There were two that I know of: One out in Workshop and one CA. Being shy migratory species finding them is another story.


Art - for the Analog Discovery modules, I suggest we get a set of these when possible.:


The lasers can engrave plastics, and Cermark can be used to mark metals. Just a thought.


Anyone want to use the thermal imager to do a lie detection class/event? My Weimaraner never lies. Her nose is always cold.


I’m just wondering why we needed a $1000 thermal imager? It has very little to do with Electronics. Hot components can be found with a fingertip (low voltage) or a dot of distilled water (high voltage). Seems like a playtoy with limited applicability.

Passive-aggressive complaints

Was it specifically requested as a donation? I’m not sure how the mouser sponsorship works are you? I have seen thermal imagers used to detect hot spots in computers and test how well “cooling systems” actually work.


In the last few years, Science was hot and heavy for one. Maybe Electronics should gift it to them if they still want one?


So what are you proposing ? Give it back to Mouser ?

Looks like a useful tool to me, so I will oppose that course of action.


I’m calling into question this item on our wish list. Next year, perhaps it will influence the selection of candidates for that list.


Funny how the *itching comes out of the woodwork after the fact.
I asked for input/suggestions and got very little feedback.
Sooo…put a cork in it and move on.


I think that @Team_Jewelry & @nausser915 would find good use with it.