More consolidation in the Electronics Industry

Nvidia buys ARM

Infineon buys Cypress


The Nvidia-ARM deal is interesting, they’re putting those AI profits to use. It’s probably not great for consumers to see that much consolidation. Also I appreciate that Softbank is giving us all a lesson in how to turn $100B into $50B. Although, I can certainly think of more interesting ways to do it than they have.


The technical / political fallout will be interesting.
Several articles:

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There has been lots of talk about opposition to the sale.

The UK - they stand to lose influence over something they invented.

The PRC - since Nvidia is a US company, companies like Huawei stand to lose access to even more microchip technology.

Intel and AMD - supposedly the real losers in this deal.

The US government - on one hand, they can restrict Chinese companies. On the other hand, there are anti-trust concerns.