Making things for a cause

Hey all,

My addiction to 3D printing (Thanks MakerSpace) has led me to purchasing an Ender3 Pro printer during this rare MS closure. Many of us have seen the news stories about the 3D printed O2 Ventilator valves that were life-savers during an inventory shortage, proving once again, that 3D printing is as fascinating as it is useful.

I have seen useful .stl files on Thingiverse such as “paper towel reusable face mask frame” and things of the sort, but what else could we Makers make during these strange & contagious times? Medical equipment? Art that can source fundraisers? Bidet framework? Vinyl stickers that promote proper hygiene and proper use of turn-signals? The list is endless on so many levels.

My new Ender3 printer is supposed to arrive on Thursday, and I’ll take any health-related ideas, or 3D images to be created as free supply items for anyone who wants/needs them. (ABS plastic toilet paper with coarse supports will not be available until COVID-2032) I live in south Richardson, so we can meet up somewhere if you need 3D printed supplies.

After all these virus shenanigans blow over, I will also occasionally bring this printer to MS upon re-opening for use by any MS member (permission from chairman pending <hey Max!> If/When permission is granted for the printer space, this post will be updated.)

IF space is approved: If you see my Ender3 printer in 3D fab, please feel free use it, break it, fix it, upgrade it, etc… as long as we fix & learn respectfully. A DIY enclosure, and dual extruder will be part of this project. This printer will only be available occasionally, as it is will be my own equipment for work & hobby purposes. If you would like to use the printer after contributing to the project, I’d be happy to bring it back to the space for you to use/borrow.

Stay safe out there! And comment any ideas you have about homemade tools or supplies for this crazy pandemic!


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check the other threads. there is an outpouring of ideas and i have an active google form for medical professionals to directly request needs

if you know of medical professionals link them to this. let’s get the contact info so we can get pipelines between DMS and the medical community.

Dallas county has a shelter in place order. We are not a licensed facility, nor do we have the ability to sanitize the area. We suggest any makers interested in helping hould prototype at home and work with local hospitals.

can you print one of these for me? Ill pay

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I’ll have to receive and set up the printer first, but yes I can print this for you if those two things are successful.

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Joann Fabrics is providing free mask-sewing kits (currently sold out near me). If you have cotton fabric, fusible interface, and 1/4" elastic or 14" cloth bands for ties, here’s the pattern to use:

Joann’s is collecting completed masks and distributing them to local health providers.

One change I would make would be to sew them from two different-colored fabrics so one side (green=good?) could remain on the inside through subsequent uses. As an alternative, mark one side as “inside” with a permanent marker.

Another option is to sew a bit of pipe cleaner in the center of the top edge to use as a nose clamp/adjustment for a tighter fit.

I’m going to suggest using copper wire and not pipe cleaners. Copper has been tested to be a hostile surface for Covid19 to survive on, while pipe cleaners have plastic fibers with a lot of surface area for grime to make a home in.

This (or something similar) will work just fine, and has still been available in all the hardware stores I’ve been shopping in the past week.

I’ll post a picture of how to shape it once I get home to prevent poking thru or tearing the fabric.


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The picture on your link look’s like this scam mask. You might consider changing pictures.