MakerTrade: 3D Scan and Case Design - $$


At present most cases on thingiverse that do din rail or vesa mounting do not allow for stacking while the original cases we had picked out for the project where discontinued and are now being resold online for six times the original price. So we’re needing someone to create a set of stl files based on the following cases:

These should be modified a little to assist with cable management and allow for water cooling channels. If a scan can be performed then we’re able to provide an example case.

We have a short deadline for this project so compensation is comparable.

Please PM me directly or post below of your available.

  • Count me in!
  • I know someone that can help
  • I can make it.

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Do we have a working scanner at the space? You’re looking for a basic mounting case for pi 2 B+, that has DIN/VESA, and can be stacked to build a cluster of mounted cases/Pi’s?
Will be 3d printed at the space, correct?
I do have some free time and do have cad experience.

You getting water blocks with perpendicular (sticking straight outwards) inlet/outlet ports or flush/low profile?



The Case should primarily be DIN but a module could be slotted in for VESA and the case itself should be modular itself. The ones we’re using come in five parts that are interchangeable and mount the board on the horizontal from the sd card mount when racked and have a pull tab that does quick release. There’s also access ports one can punch out to run cable to the GPIO.

Do we have a working scanner at the space? Will be 3d printed at the space, correct?
Yes printed at the space. Yes Digital Media should still have one and I know 3d Fab has one that will be online in a week or so.

You’re looking for a basic mounting case for pi 2 B+, that has DIN/VESA, and can be stacked to build a cluster of mounted cases/Pi’s?

Basically. We already have a few in use before the originals were pulled from the market:

But yes, a basic case that we can slot in a module for vesa while primarily DIN mounted with a quick release, mounts a Raspberry PI 3+, does better cable management than shown in the photo.

For watercooling; Low profile would be great but I have a sinking feeling that’s something we’ll have to make here at the space. So until revision 2 we should go for the [ Alphacool MCX One - Copper Edition - 45 Degree] model sink.

There might also be some work for creating a mounting setup for the cooler and switch to a din rail as well.

If your on Discord then we can chat there or one can meet us every Wednesday after 6:30pm.



Scanner is in the shop no eta. Theres another thead on here that max from 3d fab committe was nice enough to update.



The 3D scan would be at best a rough reference for a scratch design. A pair of calipers, online documentation, and a few hours of time would result in a human modifiable design that could be printed reliably.



I actually have a sawzall chassis I need to print (long story dont ask) so I might try this caliper method. Maybe a heat gun if a part needs to be adjusted.



When’s the deadline.



When’s the deadline.

We’re trying to get prod ready in time for QuakeCon. So best case the weekend before July 25.



I can get you an as-is stl of a case if you can provide it. I can make a CAD model, but that’s a lot extra. I can do modifications, but would prefer not to.



Have you contacted the manufacturer directly?

Also it looks like their international distributors still have them in stock:

Edit: Would this work?



Thanks for finding those. The open air ones are good for one off projects. Where we’re building large scale clusters of these so the closed cases at needed.

I’ll have to see if the international sellers has the double sized ones but the last time we talked with the OEM these cases where discontinued. Plus if one looks at the pi cluster we have in vcc the original cases need upgrading to support cable management.

Ideally we would just need the cad/stl files instead of trying to hunt for out of print products.



They let you take in only one computer per BYOC attendee.





Thanks, found those last night. They’re not shipping to the US and even the US version of the site has issues.

Like I’ve said; we’re needing something like these but better and the end deliverable is the STL/Cad files.



They let you take in only one computer per BYOC attendee.

What the QuakeCon '19 project?

Separate item. This is primarily for the CommunityGrid project.



Seems like they work:



You want a manufacturer to GIVE you files for creation of something they sell and make money off of?



The CAD models are public:

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Since you said the deadline for this is QuakeCon I assumed it was related.



Understandable :slight_smile: and may be slightly in the mark for the servers that’s running things but not the units that’s going to QuakeCon.