Machine Shop Happenings October 2022

I went ahead & ran with @Photomancer & @John_Marlow ideas. I bought some red safety cones to place on the machines when they are out of service. I also bought some “Out of Service” tags to accompany the cones when in use.
You can see in this screen grab of the camera the cone on the HAAS.

The cones & tags are mounted on the end of the grey cabinet.

Changed the switch on the Colchester, the coolant pump is currently down BTW.

Oh myself & @BobKarnaugh fixed the vacuum yesterday afternoon

The motor for it was about a .5 meg ohm to ground… not ideal but I think it will be ok.


It was @Photomancer 's idea. I just kibbitzed/critiqued it! Thanks for getting those!


We now have a breaker instead of a fuse for the Bridgeport power feed.


Where did you buy these? They are suitable and they don’t look like they were expensive; which is an important consideration for the other committees. TIA.

The same link @Photomancer provided. I just selected red.

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RED works fine and is better known. I was thinking the Fluorescent Green might be more contrasting and visible in the cameras. But Red makes more sense.

Lots and lots of questions lately on Laser status - I figured if you saw a cone you knew it was not usable.


That was exactly what prompted my question.

Well it’s now January, the Shark lathe now has an independent 4 jaw chuck. We also have 2 new sets of spring chuck keys from 1/4” to 1/2” chuck keys. Also we have a new shell mill as well.


What cool thing can be machined out of the old one? Maybe some cut-away views. Good instructional aid for classes.

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Independent 4 jaw lathe chuck.
Time to turn a crank shaft out of some round stock. :grin:

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