Machine Shop Bandsaw is down (and other words to satisfy talk)

The bandsaw is down and locked out right now. the drive belt finally gave up its life.
Tim and Freddy are working on it, but we have no real timeline for a fix yet.
The good news is the blade should hold out a bit longer.

the tool status board has been updated to reflect it is inoperable.


WE will be rebuilding the saw while it is down. It will take some time to get some parts. So folks, don’t expect it running Monday.


Great reply. It lets folks know that the delay will be for improvement, greater reliability, and correcting other issues. (thats what I read when I see the word rebuild)


Thank goodness we have @TBJK and @FreddyCalvert. Go Team Fix-Stuff!


FYI, we have not forgotten about the Bandsaw nor is it on the back burner. We(@FreddyCalvert really) have ordered the parts to rebuild the saw.

I’m looking forward to rebuilding, hopefully in a somewhat group effort as others have expressed interest in helping rebuild it.


We have not forgotten about the bandsaw. Some of you might already know that the pulley broke, we ordered a replacement. We did have some issues with finding the bearings. As a result we will only replacing the bearings in the motor which will be here Saturday. We do have the belts already.


Thanks! I posted something last night related to this. I used the bandsaw in the machine shop in the past to make custom sizes and cutouts of printed circuit boards. So, it will be nice to have it back.

For future reference, do you have any suggestions about another tool that could be used for this?

technically you can mount it in the vise on the Brideport mill to cut it to shape, especially simple squares.
You can just leave components on it. The mill will eat right thru them.

Yeah I have done that before for another member with the mill.

Now I just need to watch all of those videos so I can get trained for the Bridgeport Mill next time the class is offered. :slight_smile:

When this saw comes back on line what is it capable of cutting??

Fingers and toes and mild steels and lighter materials

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I bet it could do tibia and humerus as well.

That would be quite humerous

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Any idea on when it mite go back on line?? Is training required.

I’m hoping that the bandsaw can got back up sometime next week. Training is currently not required.

Tibia honest that tickled my funny bone :skull:

I will be at the space tomorrow afternoon to :v:start :v: working on putting the bandsaw back together if anyone cares to join me.

We will be replacing the motor bearings, all of the belts. IIRC I think we have oil to change the transmission fluid. Also the new pulley will be put on as well.

Those emojis are my attempt at air quotes


Sorry Guys, I just got called into a critical site for an emergency call. I wont be here tonight unless by some miraculous reason I am able to get that drive fixed. Sometimes it sucks being 1 of 3 that can do a job.

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Well it was close to a miracle. Just now leaving my emergency call. LOL