Locksmith class? Willing to teach


I’d take this class. Been thinking about reading up on my own, so this sounds great.


90s toyota


And…me too.


Send me a message when the class is up please. If nothing else, I’d like to practice on some new locks.

I have a spare cheap set of picks if it would be helpful to the class, and a transparent padlock if it would be helpful.


The link from @JAST is good. The calendar is fairly intuitive, I think.

I see a couple dozen people on the interested list and many of those people have experience with the calendar.

I’d like to challenge one of the interested people to PM Philip and just help him navigate through the calendar details of setting up his class. If you want to take the class, helping him get it set up would be a nice thing to do.


I’m interested!


And also allow first dibs on a seat in the class!


If you need a hand teaching this let me know. I do attacker intrusion testing for work, so not just sit at a bench and pick locks, but targeted defeats in active buildings. It’s a fun job robbing banks for a living.



I would also be interested in the lock picking class.


I am ready to make this class reality. I can teach for hours but im not sure how long a class should be. I have key machines, locks, pinning kits, tools etc. I would love help in navigating the set up for the class including what room to be in, if i need to submit to a commity, what the best time and day of the week and money. I don’t realy care about be gitting paid at all but i dont know if there is a rental rate for meeting rooms or if it can be free for everyonr to attend.

So far I will be teaching for sure
Basic Picking for entry
Ace key picking (coke maichine, arcade, Harley)
Automotive picking
None destructive bypass of some locks
Destructive bypass of some locks
Locksmith basic laws and regulations
Lock dissembling

If there is anything not on this list that you really want please let me know. Thanks


How long is the class going to be? Because that looks like about 8 hours worth of material so far.


I’d be interested in most of the items you listed. Thanks for offering to teach something new!


I was thinking 2 hours. Picking is practices. Explaing how is quick and then over the 2 hour class everyone will have locks and picks and can try to pick them open throughout the class. Once you pick something you can trade with others and try different locks. So you can get into a rythem and pick and then we will move on to the other topics and you can. I will doctor some locks so they are easier to pick and most will be normal just like the real world. It might be a crash course but I have taken a lot of locksmith continue education classes. (Required by law) and you can get through a lot in a short amount of time.


I’d definitely love to try this class!


I am interested.I had some much fun once in an Cybersecurity meetup in Dallas. Please let us know when its up in the calendar.


I don’t know if you still need this, but here’s some info on this front:

  • 1-2 hours for a class is the “sweet spot”, in my opinion; more than that and people can’t make time or pay attention, less than 1 hour and it hardly seems worth it.
  • What room: up to you and how many people you want to open it up to (and whether the room is available). A guide to our room situation can be found here https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Rooms_Guide_page and includes such information as amenities and approximate body count capacity
  • Getting paid: it’s up to you whether you want to request honorarium, but for my $$, I recommend choosing a receiving committee for the funds (your favorite, if you don’t feel obligated to one for “helping you out” with this project) whether you choose to take the Instructor’s portion or not
  • Do you “need” a committee: no. But it might be worthwhile to touch base with a chair or 2 and see if they’d like to “adopt you” in the event that you need support (monetary, equipment should this become a thing where you don’t want to use your own, etc.). But it’s not strictly necessary. Be advised that a class put in for honorarium must be input 10 days (240 hours) in advance of the desired time.
  • Best time of day, day of week, week of year, etc. Just pick a day/time that works for you, and put it out there. You can’t please everyone all the time, so please yourself. Most classes happen after 7PM, before Midnight, and/or on weekends because most of us are working stiffs in 8-6 office jobs, for whatever that’s worth…
  • Rental rates for rooms: No rental rates for classes like this (actually, I don’t think we rent our rooms at all); this is what DMS does, providing rooms and educational opportunities and audience and instructors, etc.
  • Can the class be free: YES. We encourage that! A class like yours can probably even be free to the public, in addition to the membership, which we also LOVE! Be advised that if you make it available to non-members, you, as the responsible DMS member, will be responsible for letting people into the building, escorting to the room, and wrangling them into appropriate behavior (and signing the waiver). But we just love it when we can offer classes to the public!

I hope that’s helpful.
Feel free to fire away on other questions… It seems like this will be well received!


Also interested in this class for sure!


I’d be interested as well. I’ve read about the basics, but have no practical experience.


Hi I am very interested in this class. I lost my key to my 1999 BMW a few weeks ago. The car is parked here at the Dallas Makerspace. We could use the car for instructional or i would be willing to pay for your services. Thank you


Doubt anyone is talking about that kind of locksmithing. Especially since one needs to be licenced and have to use an Air Pump Wedge. Locked myself out on my E32 a while back and they had to use that. All models since have even more complicated locks that tiplically means one needs to bend the door frame with that wedge to get to the interior electronic lock switch.

but… one would have the title i hope?