Locksmith class? Willing to teach

I own a Locksmith company and am a brand new member if DMS. If anyone is intrested i am willing to teach class on the following.

Lock picking
Rekeying locks
Picking car locks
Programming automotive keys
Vintage lock key generation
I have heard there is a key machine in automotive and i am sure i can show others how to work it.
Mul t lock key systems
Best key systems
Master keying systems

Let me know if anyone is interested.



There’s a few members that are interested in a locksport group at the space and VCC does have some tools for such in their storage on site.

So if you put it on the callendar there will be people there.

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I would be interested in assisting in teaching or taking this class.

I don’t have any fancy lock picking experience, but I play like I do at hacker conferences :wink:

I would take that class.

+1 on taking the classes.

I’d take the class for fun. Interesting watching the YT videos of people showing just how bad Masterlocks are.

I’m interested as well,in learning it that is.

Interested, but only to see if my techniques have gained wide-spread acceptance… :wink:

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I’d sign up.

Wow! That was fast. Thanks for all the interest. I have never done a class at the makerspace. Do yall know who I can talk to to get the ball rolling and what I need to do. Also, i pick locks for practical use. Example, today I opened a house for a old lady in the cold that was locked out (Note I am a licenced locksmith). But I also pick a lot of cars to make keys to them from scratch. Although I do pick the new 4 door jeeps if the keys are locked inside instead of car unlock tools. The crazy fast picking guys all over youtube is fun but from a day to day i do not run into that stuff in the real world very often.


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In general,this guide can be helpful to get started.
You’ve already nailed a couple of the preliminaries (checked to see if there’s interest, etc.)
So from here, basically pick a date/time/room and put the class in. There’s a walkthrough of actually filling out the class submission on that page, but if you want someone in person to help, pretty much anyone @DMS would be willing. Others might be talked into it, especially if we’re already going to be there. If you have a committee in mind to benefit from this (should you choose honorarium) the chair would likely help out (I think @denzuko Dwight expressed willingness above?), but really anyone in person @ the space is likely to want to help you get it done…

I have an old professional automotive door opening kit from the 1980’s. A bag full of goodies not not just a 'slim jim"

(more like a bag full of frustration for those with no patience)


I do auto lock outs. Less then 1min to get in a car. I am about to use the key machine tonight to make copies of my car keys. It’s pretty easy. I can also show you how to get into security gates with a drivers license. All things you need to know for zombie apocalypse

What kind of car?

Yes, I’m interested. Years ago I took a class for firefighters on how to enter a building without causing a great deal of damage. It involved lock picking but I don’t remember much of it, but it was
very interesting.

I’d love to take your class.

I am interested as well. Dealing with old pinball, arcade machines and other coin-op equipment like we do in VECTOR we commonly have to deal with locks that we do not have keys for. Most are simple single our double bitted wafer locks but occasionally there are the round key locks like are commonly found on vending machines and gum ball machines. I would like to get more proficient in picking them open instead of taking a drill or screwdriver to them.

I currently need to get a copy made of a small oddball key used for the system reset on a slot machine.

Lol, I thought they loved breaking in with their tools.

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Some are easy and some are not. Ace locks are not too bad (round tubuler key) but the old Chicago and Illinois locks you need tryout keys.

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I’m game just tell me when

I’m interested. I worked for a locksmith from the summer before my junior year in high school until 3 months after high school, about 18 months. Never was more thrilled then when I made my first key by impression - to a 65 Mustang. Can’t tell you how may key blanks I ‘sawed’ almost in half with a pippin file before I got it and could tell an impression mark from dirt/imagination.

Got some bump key sets a few years ago and was amazed at how easy my customer’s Schlage front door cylinder opened.

Would love to have some formal instruction in picking, as I learned by osmosis. When all else fails, bring out the pick gun.