Locksmith class? Willing to teach


Thanks to all for being so patient. I will be working through this system and getting this class going.

For the bmw. Yes i can make you a key. I might do it before or after the class because it takes about an hour to make a key and program a BMW.


I’m a substitute teacher at Duncanville High, and I have to wait each day for security or administration to unlock the classroom door. I ask the kids if they know how to pick a lock, but so far nobody will admit to it. So yes, I’m interested.


Lol, Jerry you could always use one of these.


Thanks to all for being so patient. I will be working through this system and getting this class going

If there’s anything I can do to help as a chairman or instructor then let me know.




Those are like $20 at Lowe’s…


Well that’s fine and dandy for those that want to bother with the trip. Myself, well prime has free shipping and its $7 less. Just saying not everyone want’s to visit a store to get what they need. Sometimes getting it online just works out.


Ok overall there’s a demand for the class and I’m for one glad to see how enthusiastic everyone is for this.

Its gotten me inspired to provide some of the tools and equipment in VCC for us.

Such as:


Now I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder so if anyone is putting this class together then by all means feel free to put it on the calendar and write the wiki page about it then post the link to the event here so everyone knows about it.

But if everyone here is this enthusiastic about having Locksport at the makerspace then lets see what we can do to generate the funds for VCC to get the items for a class, either by honorariums or donations to the committee. If we can meet or beat $350 before January, I’ll make sure that the items above is ordered for the class and personally buy a HackerBox #0032 for the member whom raised the most funds.


I’m interested in the class …


Very yes, i want to know cool things.


I am. A good friend of mine owns Laura’s Locksmith in Denton. I have always wanted to learn.


I would definitely be interested in a class like this.


Have yet to see the class… So? @Philipthelocksmith any time line or do we mind if I take the reins?


I’d be down for a lockpicking class, I’ve had a set of lockpicks for a while now but never really get a chance to practice.


I would enjoy to learn these skills


Interest here as well!


Which evening should we have an hour long hands on locksport class?

  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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Yup, super into this idea.


I’ll get the Purchase Officers to order up the equipment for the class and once we have the tracking orders we should be in business for a class.

So far a outstanding 60% for Saturday… Poll is still open so keep voting.


@denzuko are you giving the class now? I thought the OP would be doing so.