Lifecasting ok?

Hello I signed up about a month ago and ceramics is something I would like to be a part of. I do two main types of ceramics, I carve plaster and make molds that then gets filled with slip and I do lifecasting. I have a lifecasting piece that is ready for a glaze firing. I painted the glaze on it about 15 years ago when Belchers ceramics (who was firing my art at the time) decided my art was too racey for them and I never found a good replacement with a big enough kiln, odd because they fired the bisque of that piece. Given that experience I want to ask if lifecasting artwork is allowed? I have a lot of backlog pieces that I would like to pour and get fired after my glaze piece. I am happy to send pics if that is needed to make a determination. It would be easier to do from my cell just DM me for my number.

I also have several items that may be of use to the ceramics group.I purchased two big kilns over a decade ago (I still know virtually nothing about kilns or how to operate them). and have only ever turned one of them on just to see if it would power on which it did.

Paragon TNF 283 w DTC 600 program thingy (never even turned on but told it works from the chap I purchased it from). This kiln is huge.

Duncan Energy Saver Automatic kiln EA-820 The Teacher-Plus (this one came on and got warm before I shut it off).

I also have a slip tub with “gas pump” handle.

I know you guys have a lot of kilns already so let me know if you are interested in any of the above.

I hope to finally get some of this artwork processed. I am mad at myself for letting Belchers win and shutting down my artwork. Hope DMS is the place to get it done.

Thank you!



Have you asked at Trinity Ceramic Supply? They do firings for people. I’m not sure we’ve got enough time to fill a kiln with just one piece. We’re firing pretty steady as it is.

Just my thoughts – not official.

We’ve got a pouring table… have you been by DMS to look at our area?

Hiya Beth, I had no idea Trinity did that!? I buy my slip from them. I will definitely check them out. Yes I did do a tour just thought it might be of use since you guys have a fairly full kiln schedule.

Oh, yeah! There a price list (if I remember right) on a little board on the cash register stand, by the door. I think the kiln pricing and the we’ll-mix-your-glaze pricing are on the same board.

You can also have things fired at The Kiln & I in Plano. It’s a low fire ceramics shop but I think Pam can fire to cone 6 if needed.


Thanks for the suggestion Julie I’ll check them out as well. Of course I’m not a paid member in good standing at either of those places but hey it’s worth a shot at least.:unamused:

Hi Elliot, Welcome!

We have as a committee talked about another kiln so I think the group maybe interested in taking a look at the kilns you have.

I am the acting chair and @coffeebean is the incoming chair of the Ceramics group. We are meeting on Thursday this week so we’ll chat about what our next steps should be for both of your questions. I’ll send you a private note so we can chat more about your artwork.

Thanks, Monika


thanks Monika @coffeebean

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I hope you are having a great day. Please make sure you know the cone temps to fire your slip and glaze.

If you were having your stuff fired at a traditional ceramic shop this may be low fire.

@coffeebean just a reminder most ceramic kilns are 240, DMS is 208.

Thank you,
Anita Willis

Elliot, do you have the specs on the Duncan kiln? I can’t seem to find details about the size online. It does look like it can fire to a cone 6 (unless someone knows something more about these kilns) which is what we fire to at the space. Is it 208 or 240 and do you also have furniture with the kiln? Are you looking to sell and if so for how much?

The paragon you have, according to the website, states that this is a low fire kiln so I don’t think the committee would have a need.

Once we have all the details we could certainly discuss the possibilities at our next committee meeting.

Sorry we weren’t able to accommodate your larger art work.

If you do have smaller pieces that you will be firing at DMS, please remember that we bisque to cone 04 and glaze fire at cone 6.

Thanks, Monika and April

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Hi, it is 19.5 × 17.5, 240V and says it fired to a cone 8.
No furniture or shelves. I’m looking to sell but no idea yet of the value but I can look into it if it seems a fit for your ceramics space but @meanbaby said you guys were 208.

Yeah. If that’s wired for home use, it’ll be wired to 240V. They can be rewired. I’m having trouble reading the Max. Temp and the Cone there on the bottom of the plate… Kinda looks like they got a weak stamp on the Max Temp, and the shadows are just wrong to read the Cone.

Bad photograper… LOL 2300F