I am a long time fan of Makerspace and have wanted to join for some time. I recently was furloughed which gave me the time to re-assess my life goals a bit. I just joined on 6/28/2020 and am so excited to see where this leads. I come from a long line of artists and have dabbled a bit in a lot of things. I retired from the US Air Force Reserves in 2017 after 24 years, currently work for Essilor eyeglass company just down the street (20 years next Nov).
I have knowledge of the following:

I am currently trying to make a tiny yacht (single seat) that has a small jetski motor in it. To do this, I plan to use a CNC router to route the shape in EPS foam, fiberglass it and then gel coat. I have done a lot of youtube research but still need to learn a lot about:

See you all in the forums or DM me if ya like!