Leather bottom rope basket how to make this?

What is the best way to make a rope basket with leather protection on the bottom?

Didn’t you pose this same question a few weeks ago?

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Yes, they cannot sew it with a sewing machine. Should glue it?

Look at Klein tool bags


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yes thank you!

Yes I want that, but with a rope basket, my supplier doesnt have a good idea how to make it. Any thoughts?

By looking at it, and the rest of the pictures on that link. Is two pieces of leather sewed together and then sewn to the bag. I believe this was also suggested in the duplicate thread you created a couple weeks back.

if they don’t have something like thor to sew it, they are going to have to hand sew. I doubt glue would be sufficient to stand up to use. Would probably look nicer with stitching too.

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I think it would very interesting to sew. The taller you get with the basket, the deeper the throat the machine would need to be.

Would one not sew the circle to the rope sides, and then flip it inside out and sew the bottom-to-side seam and then turn right side out? (Not a seamsdude, and have little experience on sewing things, so maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong…)

If I were doing it, I’d make the full rope bag first, then put the leather bottom as a cover for the lower part and use a whip stitch all the way around. THere would be no stress on the leather, and it would only be there for ground contact, so a whip stitch would work just fine. I’d maybe lock it in place every 5 inches or so, depending on teh size of the bag.


could you explain in dumb terms what to do with leather

Seems like I’ve answered this question before…


I don’t understand. So are you recommending make with one piece of leather?

george please…

Who is making this? Is it going to be done by hand or machine?

I would prefer it to be done by some machine as i believe that would keeps costs down, but the truth is I really am not sure about how to takle this. I miss Makerspace with its large population of experienced creators.

I’d be sewing it in 2 pieces. And, whoever has the machine that’s big enough to stitch it to the basket is going to be your best source for how to do that.

Although, the Thor could probably do that if you were using an upholstery weight leather.

I did have the thought that you’d have to be careful, as the leather needles are little knives, and they could potentially cut the basket.

@HankCowdog’s method is for a single piece of leather, soaked and shaped. All the forms are probably reasonable if you’re going for big production.

How big are these rope baskets and how sturdy do they need to be? Are these meant to carry like stones and heavy items outdoors in rugged terrain, or are they decorative home use?

I’m not sure how to explain what I mean.

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Here is something i have tried…instead of wood, probably could use leather?
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