Lathe cert question

Are there any members that might be able to send me though the lathe safety course tonight? All of Paul’s classes are full, and I need to use the lathe.

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I can show you, but I’m not certified to teach.

@shootx can we get together sometime so I can teach lathe? I’m what you might call “intermediate level.”

I appreciate the effort. I know how use one, I just need to get certified to use it in the shop.

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Paging @prl2018

Sorry. We spoke yesterday. We are going to try and work out a one-on-one to get me certed. Thanks for all the help.

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The certified lathe teachers are:
@Lordrook Steve Wynne
@jnorine John Norine
And myself.

We will try to work with you to know the curriculum and get you checked out to teach lathe.

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Can we also add Anthony Young? @itzazero?

He and I went through the audit/ be audited process about a month ago. He can teach me any time!


@talkers if Paul can’t, would you be available sometime to cert me instead?

If you can make it in tonight @ 6:30 we’ll get you into the class tonight - If not, PM me as we talked about and we can try to set up a 1:1 before the 13th.

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Thanks, John!

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i updated the list of instructors in the wiki. if anyone sees an error, please ping me or correct on your own.