Laser Maintenance Day + SLIDERS today (1/6/19)


Join Team Laser this Sunday for our monthly Laser Committee meeting and maintenance day. This coming Sunday, January 6th, we’ll meet at 11:00AM for our committee meeting and maintenance and cleaning will start at noon. Join us for discussion and learn how to help care for our lasers.

We’ll have food after the formal meeting portion. Please post if you can bring something to share with everyone for the lunch potluck.



Haha this is the last calorie free day many are starting their new year resolutions on Monday so bring all the stuff you want to clear out.
Its gonna be a great 2019


I’ll bring something.



Meatball sliders


Thanks to all how came to meeting and maintenance day. A lot was accomplished.

A special thanks to @heyheymama for the yummy meatball sliders.

Josh W


The turnout was great. New faces. Veterans.
And you, David @pinewoodnut, and Chair Andrew @sixvolts did yeomans’ work on Big Thunder.


DISREGARD THIS I read there is a copy on the Committee disk - I assume I can access it the next time I visit the space.
I know that the RDWorks version 8.0.19 was installed on all three lasers. I have 8.0.3x on my
laptop and wanted to revert back to 8.0.19 but can’t find it. The RDWorks web site only offers
the 8.0.3x level to download. Does anyone know or have a link to the older “.19” version?


Not disregarding because I’m a belligerent asshole.
Kidding. Sort of. (Opinions vary).

But seriously, you can get it on the committee drive:

Pic included in this post of where to find that in Windows Explorer:

You can get Windows Explorer and access “on site resources” remotely using the Jump Server: