Lack of Machine shop training


Been a member for 3 months and still can’t get training on any of the machine shop equipment.
No classes! I know the training is given on a volunteer basis, but 3 months.
Is there anyone available to train/sign me off on the mill and lathe?



I see that August and September were lacking classes, but I see 8 that were on the calendar in October.


We’ve added two abilities over the past couple of meeting to help relieve this problem:

A. We have worked on a Part A online to lighten the workload on the teaches and enable members to begin the training and shorten the time spent in classes.

B. We have officially ok’d trainers who have taken train the trainers class to check people out at anytime.

But unfortunately it really does come down to volunteer time and those who are knowledgeable enough to train people on the machine; this is something we are still short on.

The best thing to do is to ask specifically and to explicitly work with those that do teach the classes to set something up. Remember though that these members are being very generous with their time, they are not obligated to do anything; so treat them accordingly.


I’ve got a class for the Bridgeport on the calendar for the Thursday the 8th (I posted it earlier today so it should show up in 60 hours or so). Feel free to take it.

So you’ve noticed a problem. Are you interested in teaching? Because that’s the issue. We have quite a few people willing to “take” but not nearly as many wanting to “give”.


I had three classes on the Bridgeport and Sherline Mill that were not filled. A 4th class had no sign-ups.


Well, rats. I’d take that, with a leaning toward teaching, except we’re heading toward Oklahoma that day.


I don’t remember August, but September was the month all of our teachers (3) were either on vacation or hiatus. We do that sometimes - have a life.
At my peak I was doing 5 classes a month. I’m down to 2 and am comfortable with that which is about 12 hours a month for $100. do the math. It sure ain’t for the big bucks. I’ve asked/begged/bullied/etc trying to get other teachers. Just hasn’t happened although occasionally we get someone to do one or two others. we’re always grateful to that. If anyone has any suggestions we’re all ears.



I have to apologize to everyone for not seeing October classes. I just failed to see them.


Water under the bridge. Let’s get you in a class so you can start making.


I’ve taken the recent Bridgeport class and one of the Oct HAAS classes (still need to pull up the domino drawing in Fusion 360 for “part 3”).

I also managed to catch Bob Karnaugh one weekend as he was wrapping up his project on the Bridgeport mill. He hooked me up on training for the cutting equipment, I helped him clean up around the Bridgeport as gratitude for short notice training session.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for (big) lathe and Sherline classes.


Are the training classes/certifications posted on some sort of schedule? It appears that there are few events posted on the calendar tagged with ‘machining’ in late nov and dec- this could just be the holidays.
It appears that I joined just after the Nov. committee meeting and classes.
I hope to get checked out on the Bridgeport.

Thank you,


This thread might be of use. Looks like @malcolmputer will be doing a Bridgeport class in December. Personally, I recommend snagging a chair or vice chair (on Talk or at the space), they can be invaluable in regards to the training lowdown. They are often in the know about not yet posted classes, one-on-one alternate options, etc.

This sort of post works too! :slight_smile:


I agree w Christy. I don’t have authority over the class. I was in the same
boat for a while.

*Robert Elliott *


Thanks much. I will pursue these options.