Haas cert class?

Hi, I dont see any new classes coming up for the HAAS, metal lathe or the bridgeport, or any of the metal working equipment. Is there skmeone i can speak with for this and the other machines? I would really love to use these machines. Any pointers? Who is in charge? I just got started with DMS, plz help on where who how to find this out. It is my understanding this is the best way. Thanks.

I am the Vice-chair of Machine Shop. @nicksilva is the Chair. Nick tried to put a class up for the Haas but there was not available classroom space to do so. The lathe has a self-study class then a practical at the Machine. Currently @BobKarnaugh has been leading that effort but we are always looking for other to help. The Bridgeport is going to about the same way. There was a class on it the other day offered by @malcolmputer.

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I’m planning on teaching a class in the month of December sometime. I’ll post on talk and then calendar when I know for sure the date and time.


I’d be interested in classes for both of these as well

Do you have a link to the lathe self study class?

Here is the thread on it

Hello All. My name is Musashi Sampson. A new member 5 days in now. I have a project that deals with not only making the 1 domino to pass training but a whole set with a metal box to hold it. Please oh Please post when the next training class on the HAAS is. This project would be great if it could be completed before Christmas so that it may be a gift to someone. Thank You all for Your Time!

Can we still sit in for a refresher? I have had the class previously.

You can, but you have to pay for it a second time. Knowledge isn’t free and all.

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Yes, we woulden’t want anyone “learning” anything at DMS for free.

Russell Ward

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The previous class was $75 and the chair said you could sit in any other classes to refresh before testing. Openingly stating it was a lot to take in, and that the class had a 99% fail to completion rate.

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Is this a recent change in Machine Shop policy? It used to be okay to repeat w/o charge. I believe it was thought to be safer for the HAAS and users.


I’m in the same boat you are in, and I was told I had to re-pay by Nick. I’ve taken 1 and 2, and played some with Fusion but don’t feel ready to take the practical. I could play with the sim some, but I’d rather take the class again before I do.

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