Josh & Mitch Talk 3D Printing

Awesome! I do wish we were able to keep the Sinterit Lisa we had donated, it would have been able to make parts like that within 24 hours.

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I just got a Prusa MK3 but havent finished putting it together, I hope to do nylon myself, I saw someone youtube doing it with the same printer.

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That thing was hella messy.

I’ve done Nylon X (carbon fiber strands) on a prusa and it works great, as long as you get a hardened nozzle (E3D nozzle X)

Yeah it was messy and probably caustic to breathe without a mask, but still would have made amazing stuff.

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What did the high bidder end up doing with it?

We might have one in the area soon as the company my son works for is looking at a Sinterit Lisa Pro or a Markforged Metal X.


Do you have any contacts to get an Elegoo Saturn? I can’t even pre-order it anymore.

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Love my Prusa! Here’s my setup.


where did you get that enclosure dude!!!

google “IKEA Lack 3D printer”


Ikea Lack Version 2. This particular enclosure was designed for the Prusa with the MMU2S so the top hinges open. I dont’ have the MMU2s but I liked how this opens up. Acyrlic doors and sides for visibility. LEDs strung inside with a dimmer.

I have a touchscreen octopi setup with camera centered on the hotend. I’ve got a paver I sprayed with splastidip under the printer for added stability, and extra braces on the lack tables stacked 3 high.

I also have everything connected to a smart plug power strip. So if I’m not home and have a job running, I can check the webcam and if I have a failed print I can power off any part of the setup.

This is my baby. I love this hobby so much!


Do you have any thoughts on the mmu2s? I have been thinking of getting one, but they seem to require a lot of tuning.

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My son still has not opened the Elegoo Mars Pro we bought him?! (he is taking HS Senior English online, busy busy)

Still trying to find 90% IPA for the wash. Is denatured alcohol from Lowes/Home Depot ok? From the MSDS sheets it looks to be Ethanol denatured with Methanol and some scent.

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I bought 99% IPA the week before last at Grainger…It was expensive but I got it to clean some electronics at work. It was 40$ a gallon.

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I teamed up with a couple other guys and bought 99.5% IPA for $13/liter. There were a couple of notices that it may be slow delivery but I received it in less than a week.

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I talk about my feelings on the MMU2S in this thread a bit: What 3D printer would you buy for home use?

Basically I feel like it made the machine less “fire and forget” and definitely less portable.

I don’t have one, but all roads point to it needing a lot of tinkering and babysitting. I’m not too interested in multi color prints right now either since I paint my prints anyway.

I bought the $45 99% gallon of IPA off Amazon itll last me a while with reson printing and cleaning flux…

MMU2 sounds like a pain and a lot of the same issues I had with the Palette 2. The Palette 2 does make it easier because it splices the filament together before it goes to your printer and can run independently of the printer with their version of Octoprint. Palette slicer, Canvas is web based and makes multicolor prints pretty easy but its still a cloud slicer and needs parameters for your printer.

For a prusa enclosure, I recommend the one from they’re nice laser cut boxes. Or the lack table enclosures if you want to spend some time.

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As much as I liked my Prusa, I’m pretty in deep with delta printers. I was into delta printers since I saw the Rostock we had in 3D fab when I joined in 2014, the firmware has advances so much with 32bit boards, it auto calibrates everything and gets it as accurate as Cartesian printers.

@Evan_Lott and I got it working as well as we could then I scraped it for parts


Good times! I think I still have the Marlin configuration for that thing in a repo somewhere. I have fond memories of the nonstandard fasteners and other quirks.

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It would be nifty to see a SCARA style printer at the space, just to add to our collection of different 3D motion systems.

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