Ideas on how to make a markers mark stamp?

Hello all! I need some help. I’ve been doing leatherwork for about a year now and I’ve decided it’s time to come up with a makers mark. Problem is, I don’t know how to do it. Not necessarily the design itself, but the Actual stamp.

i know there are some places that do custom designs but I’d much rather learn how to make some. So if anyone knows something that could help me out that would be much appreciated

If you are good with a 3D printed one, check out this thread- (How-To) Create a custom 3D-Printed leather tooling stamp

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@badgertide just did a pretty good write-up.

(How-To) Create a custom 3D-Printed leather tooling stamp

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Yeah, i’ve had some pretty good results with 3d printed stamps. If you want a dedicated mark, it might be worth it to smooth out the print lines amd maybe fill them or sand them down?

Thanks! I guess I’ll have to learn how to 3d model and use a printer then. Much appreciated!

If you have a 2D image, you can likely use a “lithophane” converter. That will especially help with gradients. Then take that into and mess with adding a backing. or just take that file and raise the Z height in the slicer software.


I noticed that the 3d printed one is rather large. I know the post says it works better with smaller versions however I’m wanting one that’s the typical size of a leather stamp. Wouldn’t the layer lines be too large to do something that size? Would a resin printer work better as opposed to pla?

I have not tried a resin stamp yet, but I’m almost certain that it would be better

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Here’s a video of a wood-burning marker made in brass using a handheld rotary tool (and lathe).


Oooh, you could do hot foil stamping with something like that

Oh yeah, I would say an SLA resin printed item would be much smoother. Alternatively an ABS stamp can be smoothed over and be solid using this method

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Brass could easily be used for impression stamping. If any of the small mills (Shapeokos can ever be used in the future) that would be great … of the Haas can do it.

I laser cut one out of a remnant delrin rod (purchased off rBay).

Nowadays I might try a 3D printed one by designing an SVG in InkScape, then importing that into TinkerCAD and extruding it before adding it to a background plate. Print it at high infill (80-90%) for heft. I made a clay stamp for my sister this way and it worked great.

Don’t forget to mirror your design: it will stamp “backwards” so text, etc. needs to be reversed.