I need help with getting certified with vaccum chamber

Hello, I am looking to get certified with vaccum chamber or just get help using the vaccum chamber. I am looking to use proto putty (aka (one part 'silicon 1", one part “corn starch” and one part “mineral spirits”)) to make mold in the vaccum chamber. It was suggested i use the vaccum chamber to get the air bubbles out of the mold so i could use the mold in the pressure chamber. Can i get any help with this?

Our resin SIG runs the classes that get you into the AD group for our vacuum chamber. You can either take a resin class that uses the vacuum chamber, find a member willing to give you one on one training, or come to our CA office hours on Aug. 31st.

EDIT: Our former Resin SIG leader (and current vice-chair) @Edenblue might be willing to do one on one training depending on her schedule.

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How do I get on the resin distribution list to get these messages?

I’ll put you on it. Are you signed off on it yet?

I have also just submitted a class for Friday 9/6 7pm. Didn’t notice there wasn’t one in August. Should see it on the calendar in a few days.

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Also just as an FYI, if you are making a mold that is intended to be pressure cast, you need to pressure cure the mold. Just using the vacuum chamber to remove air bubbles wont fully do the trick and you could still have mold warping under pressure. You will want to vacuum as many bubbles out as possible, then flip it over to the pressure pot to finish the curing cycle.


FYI @Abrandon @Yalldve (can’t find Cari’s talk name)


Thanks for looking out!

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I actually don’t know if there is a notification for these messages. I can start tagging you as I see them, but I just look through the New pile and respond to things related to Creative Arts as needed. I know that there’s an @ we can use for the whole creative arts committee, I’m not sure if there’s one for the SIGs.

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I am signed off on it but do I also need a train the trainer? I am pretty sure I can come on Sunday but will definitely be there on the 31st if that is easier.

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I think if you asked @Jeeves to shadow his class on the 6th we could get you signed off as a trainer. there’s a syllabus/handout that goes with the class and its pretty easy to follow.

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Problem is, we are doing most of our tool classes in ca office hours now so we can focus hoborarium on project based stuff.



Or, navigate here…

On the far right side click the circle…

Change the notification level as desired…

I have no problem with you shadowing on the 6th if you want.

Wonderful! Thanks so much, I will see you then!

Does this work if I want to be notified for the @ team resin? Or just my name?

I put you into the @ team_resin group

So put the mold 1/2 hour in the vacuum chamber then 2 hours in the pressure chamber?
Is this what you are suggesting Lordrook?

Basically yes. Not sure in the timing of those, which is dependent on the mold materials but the process is right.

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I would like to use the vacuum and pressure vessels for a silicone mold to produce plastic parts. Is there a class in the near future, or could you help me with the training I would need to use these?

Steve C