I need help with getting certified with vaccum chamber

I am leaving today for vacation but I can meet up with you next weekend if that works for you.

That would probably work well for me also. I will be back on Sunday. Do you think you could do late afternoon or evening on sunday or Monday?

Almost definitely anytime on Sunday the 13th and I can most likely do after 6 on Monday the 14th.

That sounds good, I will make contact on Sunday and we can figure it out

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I have plans this afternoon and Monday evening. Would you be available late Tuesday afternoon or early evening for some training on the vacuum/pressure chamber?

Steve C

Let me verify my work schedule and I will let you know. I am planning on being up there either tomorrow or Wednesday for sure I just need to confirm.

Monday and Wednesday about what times? I am assuming after your work hours.

Steve C

I am shooting for around 6 on Wednesday if that works for you, I will be there for a couple hours most likely. I have a work event Tuesday evening.

Actually, I just realized I have a class on Wednesday. I can still do 6pm but have a 7pm class.

6 pm Wednesday is good for me. I will meet you in the creative arts area. Thanks so much.

Steve C

Will u still be at Makerspace this evening?

Steve C

Yes, on my way but traffic is terrible.

I am in CA now.

My phone is 210-287-2920, just text when you arrive.


Sorry been a while, I am still looking to get trained on the vacuum chamber. I even purchased vacuum pump oil. I seem to have difficult time… mostly can meet on sundays.

Let me check my work schedule and I will message you for a time we can meet.

I also want to be trained

Okay I will message you as well.

I just put up a class for 11/8. Should be on the calendar in a few days.


it is 11/1/2019 i am looking for the class, but can not see it. What should i do?