Hot Process Safety Now Required Pre-Requisite

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At the committee meeting today, we voted to require the Hot Process Safety as a pre-requisite for all metal classes involving hot work (all welders, dynatorch, hand plasma, etc).

This can be done individually before taking a machine side class, or it can be done as a combined class at the discretion of the instructor if they want to teach both.

This will allow for a large number of students to get the bulk of the safety out of the way in larger groups, and for the machine side classes to be shorter allowing for more of them which in turn would mean a higher rate of sign-offs.

This safety class additionally allows for the “show me you can weld” sign off with an instructor, so if you have experience welding with a specific process you can get a spot sign off if you have taken our mandatory safety.

We have a few people that can teach it already, but are welcoming more instructors. I’m about to throw up a few classes at different times in the evenings, so keep an eye out for them.

CC’ing various instructors: @malcolmputer @brsims @Cyberzombie78 @jast @cdbjames

I don’t have the talk handles for any others,. so anyone feel free to tag some others. Existing scheduled classes are not an issue, but going forward they need to require the training.

If an instructor is doing a back-to-back hot process and machine side classes, or otherwise they need to be scheduled in advance for students that have a pending training, here is what to do.

The hot process class is a standalone class, and the machine side set it to Require Approval. You can then check that a student is signed-up for a hot process class, or in the welding safety AD group (which is the new hot process group).


EDIT: I submitted two classes for next Saturday, including time after each for a “Show me you can weld.” Assuming something doesn’t come up, they should be visible on the calendar on Tuesday


In the show me you can weld what do we need to do? My experience has been mig welding but for art applications so I doubt I’d pass a test for penetration or even clean beads since it’s been so long. My projects are also really just going to require tack welding at this point anyway

Basically can you setup & run the machine safely, and generally draw a bead. It’s not a structural test, since we only care about safe operation.

Sweet. I’ll look for them and take a peep at what the setup is over there while I’m at the space tomorrow. I may need some general overview on the blowers and whatnot if the safety class doesn’t cover it since our bays at the art shop were all outside