High Quality Scanner

Is there a new scanner in the room with sublimation stuff?
I need a high quality scanner for a project I am working on.

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Yes! I have done 1200 DPI scans and it works wonderfully, and I know that it can do higher DPI than that even. The software and drivers are all available on the manufacturer’s website (we hope to soon have it on the design computers as well, its just another thing on the list). I had it installed and ready to scan in 10 minutes on my macbook.

Edit: Sorry, I don’t remember the model number right now.


It’s a big fabulous (12x18 bed) Epson.
I’ve missed this model scanner so much since retiring from the school district.


It’s an Expression 10000XL. I added it to the Tools list on the wiki, in the Digital Arts subsection.

I assumed that training is not required. I also assumed it’s DMS-owned, however if it was donated I can change that to list who donated it. If it’s just on loan, please tell me that and from whom - that would definitely need to be corrected on that list.


It is donated. I will have to dig through my talk messages to remember who donated it.


Thanks. I’m going to list it as DMS owned (donated). Since we don’t actually know the person or the name of the company …