Hatcher's Shooting Event Recap 1-11-19


Image from Tim Bene

Thanks to Everyone that came out to Eagle Gun Range. We had a group of I think 23 people. Big thanks to @matthshooter, @TBJK, @Axel_Ohmstede, @Ferman, @bhouse, @Draco, and Everyone one else that shared weapons and experience with the group. I was really surprised to see that nearly everyone brought a firearm. I can’t wait to see what all Draco managed to film, as he was running around with the camera a lot.

I also want to give a big thanks to Eagle Gun Range and Terry for working with me on all the organization. Eagle pretty much gave us half the range making this a private event for us, we had 9 lanes with 3 to 6 different firearms per lane. That was Amazing to see. If you attended, please pop on google and leave Eagle a review and make sure to thank Terry for all his help. Here is a link, you can leave a review on the right side of the page under the Directions, Website, and Save Buttons. Eagle invited us back for any follow up events. they were really impressed with the group.

Thanks again and if you have any pictures or videos, please post them in this thread to share.


Wish I could have made it. Wound up having to work.

Will try again next time.


I hope to join next time, I’ll keep an eye out.


Just wish I had more ammo…


I want to start having these quarterly. So, in 3 months we can all show off our new guns and try new ones.

I’m going to go through and edit out some video for ya’ll to see. I got quite a bit.


Perhaps I will bring more firearms next time with ammo.
Rifles… I’d have to get cases for them, or maybe sacrifice a sheet. lol



Ammo is something to think about for the future. I managed to do ok on this trip. But, I would like to figure out how we can build up a bit of a stock pile for use at the event and also paid for by the event.

But, right now I’m happy with how everything went.


One concern I had during the event were the piles of mixed ammo on the lanes. Recommend we keep the ammo off the shooting benches unless you only have one caliber/lane.

Was great to see different people trying different weapons in a controlled environment and WOW did we have a wide range to choose from.

Thanks for all who came out and shared their gear and knowledge with others.

Looking forward to future events.


Recommendation #2 - Let’s go back to the classroom after range time to do firearm cleaning. We’ve got all that gear in Hatchers to do it with.


Part of the issue is that many people were coming and going and even you didn’t stay until the end. Perhaps we need to make it 2 hours for shooting and 1 hour for wrap up / cleaning / BSing


Are you suggesting going to the classroom at Eagle Gun Range or the classroom at DMS?

One Note: Eagle Gun Range will not allow the handling of firearms outside of the range area, so we can’t actually do a cleaning event in their classroom if we want to work on actual firearms.


It was a funday Friday.

P.S. just some of the stuff available for people to try. (not mine, only photos I have).


Matt and Tim brought some really neat pistols. Make sure to post your Tavor too @Ferman, that was one of the highlights for me as well as getting to shoot a 2011 for the fist time as well.


I liked that Tavor. It’s another one for my list. The KSG has been on there for a while. More guns…who needs to save for retirement. Lol


Like I was telling my coworker today. I dont sell guns, only buy them!


I’ve been eyeing tavors for more than a year now. I totally want one.

Another fun moment for me was when @matthshooter gave the biggest complement a Glock Guy can give and XDM guy. “Well it’s not a Glock, but yours has a really nice trigger.”

Just warms my heart every time. Plus, I enjoyed shooting the Glock 17 and 19 I got the chance to try at the event. :smile:


Glock stock triggers have been getting nicer as they go into newer generations. My 2nd gen G19 is a bit nicer than an out of the box 5th gen, but it has had some work done to it, and is a huge step up from where it started. The XDM has a nice trigger out of the box, but you do pay more for that package, so you are basically getting some of that upgrade gunsmithing and accessories right out of the box.



My XDM is has a full trigger job on it, drastically reducing the take up, trigger travel and trigger reset. Also, I reduced the weight of pull to just below 2lbs. It is a really nice trigger now.

I found the ultralight trigger helpful in working with the 2 Brand New shooters I was helping at the event. One had a high point and the other a glock 19 and both were closing their eyes when shooting their weapons, even though we were working on that exact issue with them. When we went from their guns to mine, they could just try to let the trigger surprise them, it actually did surprise them. Which not surprisingly to me meant their shots finally went directly where they were aiming. :+1::+1:

After that both made large improvements when going back to their firearms as well as when using other’s firearms.


That can certainly help. I’ve also seen a good 22 like a Ruger mark IV hunter work well. The long sight radius, and minimal recoil work well for helping some people past flinches. And it is a really enjoyable practice handgun as well.


Lol, I also used that trick before putting them behind the 9mm. I put them behind my Chiappa 22lr 12.5 inch buntline single action. I guess great minds think alike.