HAAS Progress & Update

So today a lot of the HAAS users got together and did some maintenance on the HAAS.
The HAAS is STILL out of Service until tomorrow afternoon sometime. We are in the middle of doing a flush.

So we cleaned the HAAS heavily.

The HAAS Kurt Vise is out of commission, the thrust bearings are toast. We are ordering the parts for it.

We removed the way covers & cleaned them up real well.

We installed the replacement tool release button.

We installed a new coolant filter.

We think we found the source of the Spindle fault, the VFD fans do not appear to come on, the fans are good as we tested them. We will likely power it with a 24 volt source.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY a NEW Sticker. It’s worth another 30 percent better performance.

Thanks to all those who helped, we probably put in 50-60 man hours into the machine today.

@malcolmputer, @budman, @matthshooter, @procterc, @LAndras, @CalvinStence, @artg_dms


For those who were unable to participate … I saw some of the gunk that came out of the HAAS and it looked like something that would eat your skin off. Kudos to those who braved the goo and gave an entire (long) Saturday for this maintenance.

Thanks to everyone who worked on this!


oh please tell us what you found under that.

oh never mind. I see the pictures. At least you didn’t find any dead rodents in there or in the tank.

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I cleaned that sludge pit over a year ago. No rodents were found then, no rodent could survive. Kudos to the brave soul that cleaned it out this time.


Well…not recognizable as such any more…


So we finished the flush & loaded the HAAS with new coolant.


How did the flushing solution look once the flush was done?

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Pretty damn good. The Haas still needs more cleaning of course.

Thank you to all who helped get this running smoothly again!

Can’t wait to get classes back online :slight_smile:

Damn those ways covers don’t keep nearly as much out as I would have guessed.

Well they need to be replaced which I bought the new wipers today. I hope they do a better job.

So I wasn’t suppose to come by today but did because I had some work to do. I found the old guide pin assembly for the trap door on the machine upside down. So I put the new bushing with flanged bolts on the guide for the trap door on the tool changer. I also cleaned all the tool holder tapers & ran the tool changer through about 2 dozen changes to check the operation of the trap door on the tool changer.


So I put in a power supply in the HAAS for the fans on the spindle drive. Now when the spindle is running the fans are as well. After we seal it up, I think we need some extended runs to check to see if there are any more faults.


So yesterday I re-piped the internal drain into the basin so hopefully no more automotive drain pan.

What still needs to be done is:
New wipers
New Way cover gaskets
Pulling of the sacrificial Aluminum table to inspect the table.
New light for inside the HAAS.

We have all the items to do said work.

Forgot the Picture


The last time I had the table off I cleaned underneath it. It does need to be resurfaced which will take a couple of hours. I’ll try to do that Friday.


Do you have a program written to skim the surface or is there some better way?

I’ve got a program somewhere. It’s a straightforward facing at 90 and 45 degrees

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Just curious - why the 45 degree pass ?

Unless you use a tiny step-over there will be some high spots between the passes. I know - there shouldn’t be but there always is with step-overs of 40% or so. Going smaller just takes a LONG time.
Running a 2nd spring pass at 45 (or actually any angle that is not parallel to the 1st pass) will hit the high ridges and gives a smoother, flatter surface. I find this to be true on wood as well when surfacing my spoil board. cheers!


Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.