Group Order from


I will probably be making an order from in the next few days and wanted to see if anyone wants to go in and split some shipping costs, or better yet split a sampler pack or 2.
Specifically I am interested in the Solar and Thermal pigment powders, but cant really justify a full 10 pack of each for myself.

Any takers?


@GTHolkan, I think you need to know about this site, even if you don’t chip in on the order right now.


@steve and 20 characters


I’m down for splitting a sampler pack. The Magnetic Cat eye pigments are interesting too.

I also have a bag of black/clear thermal pigment if you want some.

Hmm, could PR and the new Resin Sig be up to the Sponsorship Requirements :wink:


If only we had that kind of online presence!


What’s the difference in use case behind the powder versus the drops?


I would assume ease of delivery. The problem with the drops for me is that resin and water don’t mix (any water can ruin a batch), and I a have no idea what makes up the base of their solution. I’ll be going with powders.


Any takers on this? I am most likely going to order this evening.


Count me in for a Mix and match sample pack. When are you going to be at the space? I can bring cash anytime in the evening or weekend.

Mix & Match Sample Pack

Choose: Solar Color Dust - White to Color


Choose: Solar Color Dust - Color to Color

Blue to Green

Choose: Thermal Dust (86F)


Choose: Ultra Thermal (86F)

Purple to Magenta

Choose: Thermal Dust (72F)


Choose: Ultra Thermal (72F)

Turquoise to Purple

Choose: Chameleon - 2 Stage


Choose: Chameleon - 3 Stage


Choose: Chameleon - 4 Stage


Choose: Glow Dust

Invisible Aqua


I will be up Sunday. I imagine if were all splitting the order the shipping will only be $1-2. I’ll give you a total once I have put in the order :slight_smile:


Sure! Thanks Steve.

Sign me up for a ULTRA THERMAL DUST (86F) HEAT ACTIVATED sample pack

Black to blue, purple, vanilla
Blue to vanilla
Red to yellow
Purple to turquoise
Green to blue, yellow
Dark orange to light orange
Dark red to light red

And also a linear rainbow pigment/paste





Just… no…lol


Hey Mark, they don’t have black to vanilla in the sampler. Any others you want to fill for that last slot?

Edit- it looks like the Linear rainbow pigment paste is out of stock too :frowning:



Is it too late to join in on this PO? I’m very interested in these colors.
Please let me know when you guys plan to order. Thanks



I’m ordering today and just waiting on one other person to let me know about a substitution. so you are good to order if you’d like. let me know asap please.


Do you know how much I would need to powder coat my rims?


Sorry, I have no idea at all. you might want to call them real fast.


Gonna pass, actually. They’re charing per gram.
Prismatic Powders sells pounds for roughly the same price. Though, they don’t have the cool color changing powders.


Ok the official order is away and I will let folks know when it arrives.

@Jeeves $21
@mreynolds $21
@ladysandry $11

Saving on shipping is awesome!